Academic journal article Higher Education Studies

Research on the Construction of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Learning Situation-A Case Study of the Tourism Management Major in Guangdong Province

Academic journal article Higher Education Studies

Research on the Construction of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Learning Situation-A Case Study of the Tourism Management Major in Guangdong Province

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Currently there is inconformity between quality of graduate education and social demand in our country. Graduate students' ability can't meet the demand of national innovation and changing the cultivation mode of graduate student is imminent. Enlightened by the open and independent "student-centered" postgraduate education in foreign universities, based on the teaching theory of constructivism, researches suggests that to construct the learning situation which fits the independent learn and scientific research for liberal arts graduate students can solve the innovativeness problem during culturing graduate students. Study through the factor analysis of the questionnaire data obtains the four factors that affect the learning situation of liberal arts graduate students: the experimental condition, the independent learning condition, the team learning and the teacher practical. Through the multiple regression analysis, and facing the Tourism Experimental Teaching Center of Jinan University to do the empirical analysis, the research results on the one hand confirms that the Tourism Experimental Teaching Center of Jinan University has built a suitable learning situation for graduate students major in Tourism Management, on the other hand provides a train of thought and strategy for the build of learning situation for liberal arts graduate students.

Keywords: learning situation, liberal arts, graduate students, university, education

1. Introduction

The university is the forefront for the country to train top creative talents with education high quality. While graduate student education is at the top of the education level and it is an important part of higher education. The main advantage of constructing innovative countries in universities of developed countries is its large numbers of graduate students with high quality and the two goals of training talents and knowledge innovation achieved by graduate student education. So from the perspective of training talents, graduate student education in our country should also become the main channel of training creative talents in our country. Currently through research I find that there are still many problems existing in graduate student education: single training mode, teaching-oriented and scientific research-ignored, theoretic-oriented and practice-ignored, independent discipline limiting the development of universities which are treated as scientific research bases, etc. These series of problems lead to the low education quality of graduate students. However, in the old traditional graduate student education mode, the ability of graduate students is difficult to get promoted and inspired. In addition, the research is emphasis on the stage of postgraduate, but compared to the undergraduate courses most of the master's degree courses only to increase the task difficulty and enlarge the knowledge depth that is unlikely to get somewhere on the innovation achievement. There is no research atmosphere on campus for students and the lack of software and hardware situation supporting, the research enthusiasm discounts greatly. The current mode of talent training hardly matches up with the social demand and innovation and ability of graduate students can't meet the requirements when they enter the society. Facing that pressing problem, the graduate cultivation needs to find a new way and methods to perform adjusts and changes. We shall change "teach-oriented" into "learning-oriented" and improve the quality of graduate student education. By building suitable learning situations to inspire the independent learning and scientific research ability of graduate students, and gradually form a research atmosphere of integrating both teachers and students. That is an important way to train and bring up creative talents.

The research takes graduate students majored in Tourism Management of universities in Guangdong Province for instance to study what kind of situation can make liberal arts graduate students actively involving in learning and scientific research. …

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