Academic journal article International Education Studies

Study of Personal and Social Adjustment Ability of the Disabled Pupils

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Study of Personal and Social Adjustment Ability of the Disabled Pupils

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The article presents the results of experimental work aimed at studying personal and social adjustment of a child with disabilities. Analysis of domestic and foreign psychological and educational literature allowed us to determine the key concept of the study, namely "social and personal orientation", as a trait of a human's personality, providing the ability to perceive the social environment, be involved into this environment and to master a variety of activities. The availability of this trait helps a child with disabilities to adapt into present-day social medium, thus solving the problem of his socialization. The paper describes the structure of readiness for personal and social adjustment, represented by personal, cognitive and activity components. A methodology of summative assessment, aimed at exploring the level of maturity of each of these components, as well as their integrity in the overall readiness structure, was designed and developed with due consideration of these components. Criteria and evaluation indicators, as well as special techniques (survey, interview and practice-oriented task) were selected to identify the level of maturity of each readiness component (high, medium, low and immature). The article presents the results of summative assessment, conducted with the help of the developed technique. Generalization of the obtained results indicates that the majority of children with disabilities, who were tested in the experiment, have low level of personal, cognitive and activity readiness components for personal and social adjustment. This suggests that pupils with disabilities show interest in contemporary social and welfare changes in a society, but do not seek to cognize the social medium on their own; moreover, most of them are immature in terms of knowledge of objects and phenomena of social realm; they have no need to expand the sources of information that would allow them to explore the world and various types of social and personal activities. In this regard, there appears a necessity to develop and implement targeted correction pedagogic work, providing formation of such a socialization mechanism, as personal and social adjustment that must be implemented under conditions of educational institutions, where today are taught many children with disabilities.

Keywords: socialization, personal and social adjustment, readiness, child with disability, methodology and results of summative assessment

1. Introduction

The problem of training, education and socialization of children with disabilities has become one of the priorities of the Russian state and society, since the number of children from this category does not decrease. According to the Department of State Policy in the field of children's rights protection of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, in the Russian educational institutions there are 467,176 children with disabilities, including 210,194 children, studying in 1,676 special (correctional) institutions; 110,192 children, studying in special classes at secondary schools; and 146,790 children, studying in general education classes at secondary schools. At the same time, changes in the socio-cultural situation in contemporary international space and Russian society have led to the fact that the state cannot ignore the problems of disabled persons. Today's public consciousness starts to realize that the health defect is not a stalemate, but the state, which can be controlled and whose possible negative effects can be significantly reduced, if necessary measures are taken, including those of psycho-pedagogical nature.

Today it is evident that the problem of care for disabled people is not so much in taking care of them all the time, but in creating conditions for their personal self-realization, socially significant activities or work. In a legal document, such as "National Educational Initiative 'Our New School'", approved by the President of the Russian Federation on February 4th, 2010, #271, it is stated that "The new school is a school for everyone. …

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