Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Development of Productivity Practical Management Model at Automotive Mechanical Technology Skill Program in Semarang Vocational Schools, Indonesia

Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Development of Productivity Practical Management Model at Automotive Mechanical Technology Skill Program in Semarang Vocational Schools, Indonesia

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The purpose of this research is to develop automotive Mechanical Technology Skill Program (TMO) in Vocational School. The Research and Development (R&D) object was done in SMK 1, 4 and 7 Semarang, Indonesia. The result was achieved productivity Practical Management Final Model at TMO skill Program in Vocational school named momanticproter. Momanticproter is an advanced study of functional planning management, action, and evaluation in man, money, method, material and minute aspects to productivity practical component including: practical document, material management, practical action, application method, media utilization, teacher competence and qualification management, job description management for teacher, ingredients and tools maintenance management, type management, ratio, and standard description of productivity practical means and infrastructure, and occupational health and safety system. The trial result limited by momanticproter having score result 3,69, and scope result having average score 3,49, so that productivity practical management model has a good category, and can be applied in SMK TMO skill program. Then momanticproter visibility study having average score 3,7 with very suit category. The momanticproter apply implication generally gives a chance to teachers, students to have integral understanding in practical material, and integrated productivity practical management. Especially for school administrator having implication to increase management ability both skill and managerial, for students having implication in motivation to optimize their potential because the practical evaluation does not only rest on an output but also influenced by process so that supporting the regularity of practical action and can encourage honesty, responsibility, working hard, and respecting others. The suggestion for school administrator is in order to: (a) getting stakeholder support, (b) increase teacher resource trough workshop and comparative study.

Keywords: model, management, practical, productivity, vocational school

1. Introduction

Vocational School (SMK) is a vocation high school (UU No. 20/2003). The function of vocational school has a strategic role in creating matters pertaining to manpower. The strategic position seems in many aspects (1) Vocational School is an integral part from a nation economy aspect (2) The vocational school quality reflects Indonesia main power quality those need to be developed to increase the competitive ability of Indonesia human resources and (3) Vocational school has a role to decrease the unemployed index both local and national scope.

Constitutionally many efforts have been done by government to increase the practical and in theory learning process in vocational school and the graduate quality by stating many policies in vocation field. The policies face to improvement process that orientates to graduate competence standard in every grade of the school. In a sequence of government constitutional policy to vocational high school in fact has not answered yet to increase graduate quality suitable in work and industry scope need (DUDI). This condition can be seen from the many of educated unemployed in Indonesia (Formal news of central java BPS No. 28/05/33/year.VI, May 7th 2012). Seen by percentage of school accreditation, so the vocational school accreditation result only having 41 percent accredited A, 43 percent accredited B and 12.9 accredited C (Maulana, 2012).

This condition is related to vocational school human resource (VSHR). The result of the survey in SMK N 1,4 and 7 in 2013,shows that the teacher motivation to increase the quality was low. The post graduate teacher qualification orderliness SMK N 1: 14.29 %, SMK N 4: 16%, and SMK 7 20% and the remain for graduate qualification, if it is seen from the practical facility shows that each machine types/ tools/ limited ingredients quantity, so that the productivity practical happened in big group around 08-10 students per practical group. …

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