Academic journal article Asian Social Science

A Study on Sports Team of Colleges Physical Quality Training

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

A Study on Sports Team of Colleges Physical Quality Training

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Physical training is an important and indispensable part in sports training. School physical education is also carried out around the physical training. Therefore, physical education teachers and coaches should attach great importance to physical training.

Keywords: colleges and universities, quality, training method

According to the manual classification, "physical strength" can be divided into "action strength" and "defense strength" two kinds. Action strength is referred to the ability that be demonstrated by run, jump and playing and it is essential to the body during exercise and physical activity, also, these strengths have some kind of relationships with the size. However, Defense strength refers to the ability that how extent the body can endure the cold, heat...etc..., and the adaptability to these situations. Such as, whether to be get colds easily, whether to be appeared the cerebral anemia phenomenon when stand for a long time, and all these problems are belong to the defense strength problem. So, to engage in sports activities, the action strength is essential, and in order to improve the action strength the physical training is necessary.

Action strength including physical strength (musical strength), endurance, speed, dexterity and flexibility, in which the strength, endurance and speed is the most important three qualities.

The strength, speed and endurance can be demonstrated as a shaft, and the length of the shaft is the quality of body. If the body quality is better the shaft is longer, otherwise, the length of shaft is shorter. So, there will be a plane between the two axes, and an overall volume of the physical quality will be formed among these three axes, so it can easily reveal the differences in the level of physical training of athletes.

Between the power and speed of the two axes is the explosive (speed power) plane, between the strength and endurance is the strength endurance plane, And between the speed and endurance of the two axes is speed and endurance plane.

If the strength and speed quality are strong but the endurance is poor for an athlete, the endurance of the explosive force is also not good for him. So, the volume of the whole action strength is very small, and the majority of sprinters belong to this type. If the endurance is strong but the strength and speed are poor for an athlete, the whole action physical volume is also very small, and most of the marathon runners are of this type. It can be seen that simply in developing the training of speed, strength or endurance is not the best way. The athlete should training these three qualities at the same time, which is the best way to enhance physical strength, in other words, it can expand the whole volume of it.

1. Principles of Physical Training

Physical training to be able to have a good effect on athlete's heart, circulatory and respiratory system, but also can make the muscles and nervous system in a good development. In order to illustrate the effect of physical training on the body, we can sum up following contents:

Starting a physical training, we should understand what effects that we want to get in first and then decide to choose different training methods, according to this objective. Because only the athletes achieve the enough training can grasp the sports skills and exercise effects, also, the selection objectives and training methods that they chose should be compliance with their tasks, so they must clearly the objective of training.

Because of people's gender, age, physical fitness, health and hobbies are different; the physical training must consider these differences. For example, because of the age difference, the intensity should not be too heavy for the teenagers at 16-18 years old. At the same time, because of the differences of personal physical, we should accord to the different conditions of muscle type to choose the different training methods, such as to the muscular, obesity, thin physics, we should select and carry on different training method. …

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