Academic journal article Journal of Media Research

Les Gestes Qui Trahissent Les Politiques

Academic journal article Journal of Media Research

Les Gestes Qui Trahissent Les Politiques

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Joseph Messinger, Les gestes qui trahissent les politiques, Bucureçti, Ed. Litera, 2012.

"There is as much eloquence in a person's voice tone, look and attitude as it is in the way he/ she chooses his/her words". (La Rochefoucauld)

A well-known Belgian psychologist, writer and an expert in nonverbal communication, Joseph Messinger conducts an essential research on the body language stereotypes of politicians, splitting them into clearly differentiated categories according to specific scientific criteria based on their frequently used gestures.

"Gestures that betray politicians" is, as I have already stated, an essential research for those who want to read and understand the body language, different attitudes and, thus, hypocrisy of political representatives, being extremely useful both to psychologists, political analysts, PR specialists and to the common voter interested in understanding what politicians really think and usually don't say. Gestures are essential to any successful communication and their interpretation can sometimes help us decipher meanings that are completely opposite to the spoken message.

The book is one of the most concise and though comprehensive study of different types of political personalities and profiles. The author identifies and analyses eight different profiles: Carthesian, Challenger, Creative, Idealist, Narcisistic, Relational, Sensitive and Tribal, all of these being presented from the perspective of their specific gestures and their hidden message.

The author states that there is a strong link between the politician's and the voter's type of personality and temperament and the latter's vote will most commonly go towards the politician that most resembles to his psychological profile.

Joseph Messinger's analysis start point is exactly the resemblance between the voter's and the politician's type of personality and the need of the voter to know his in order to determine his political and/ or electoral choices.

In his analysis, Messinger concentrates on three elements that are considered relevant in determining the gestural profile of politicians: arm crossing, hand crossing and hand gestures in the use of mobile phones. Different combinations of these three elements determine, according to the author's research, different types of political personalities and profiles. …

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