Academic journal article Asian Social Science

A Brief Analysis of Sports Venues in Colleges and Universities

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

A Brief Analysis of Sports Venues in Colleges and Universities

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Sports venue is the indispensable infrastructure of colleges and universities in sports, it occupies an important position. Sports venue embodies the sports teaching and recreational function between teachers and students in colleges and universities. In the course of China's reform and opening up, the depth and breadth of the market is increasing, the education system is changing gradually, and the management and operation of colleges and universities in our country is also gradually becoming market-oriented. In this context, the college sports venue is becoming the state of creating a certain economic value through market-oriented operation from the previous state without any output under administration construction funds. In our previous practice, the use of basic sports venue in Chinese universities is not in the market without playing the potential market value. While in the whole society, the construction of sports venues are expensive, and it is not realistic to ensure that each region has sports venue, so it is the result of the market for the colleges and universities to open the sports venues to the public, it not only can achieve the goal of the national fitness, but also can earn economic and market benefit for college sports venues. Whether can give full play to the market efficiency of sports venues and other facilities is a problem which college managers should think seriously.

Keywords: colleges and universities, sports venues, development, market, system

1. The Current Situation of the Sports Venues in Colleges and Universities

1.1 The Investment in College Sports Venues Is Small

In recent years Chinese universities have made considerable progress with the process of reform and opening up, the hardware construction of the sports venues still exists some shortcomings and deficiencies. There is large fixed investment in the special sports, but serious deficiency in the broad fundamental construction; this could not meet the needs of students and the population loving sports. Modern people increasingly pay attention to the health care function of sports, only the diversification of the sports facilities construction and reasonable open, can it be able to meet the various needs. Now, the sports venues and equipment in common colleges and universities are mostly more than ten years old, which need be upgraded to meet the requirements of modern people. More funds are needed to sports venues for students and the public health service.

1.2 Lack of Innovation Consciousness in Idea

Sports activities has become to a way and an indispensable part of people's life. The attitude has become to the exercise of lifelong sports from the former sightseeing, leisure. The public lack sports venues and facilities, the colleges and universities which have many ordinary resources also realize the problem gradually, and adopt a series of measures. Colleges and universities sports industry at present stage in our country is just in its infancy, problems in the developing process should be timely solved. We should seriously draw the experience of the developed country and area, formulate the public open communication strategy of university venues appropriate to the system of our country according to the actual situation of our country. Give full play to people's subjective initiative and innovate in the sports facility operation, only in this way, can it be improved.

1.3 The System Is Not Perfect Enough

The system here refers to management system and operation system, the school sports venues should be managed by a special management department and personnel, and the corresponding management system and operation scheme should be formulated. Specialized management personnel should not only know the school stadium usage, but also understand the demand of the market and the development direction. But the most experience of regular high college is no rules to follow, we need to sum up experience in the events, unify a theory and sum up a set of complete unity sports venues industry system to manage the ordinary university sports market. …

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