Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study of the Relationship of Papillary Pattern Criminal Conduct of Human

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Study of the Relationship of Papillary Pattern Criminal Conduct of Human

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Reviewed studies by various authors on the relationship of papillary pattern of fingers and possible human behavior. Research in this direction will make it possible to establish the existence of dermatoglyphic patterns and create the information base on which to justify probable search forensic model of criminal. The author substantiates the conclusion whether further studies not only the types of dermatoglyphic methods of papillary pattern and their ratio to the fingers, but also kind, shape and other characteristics of dermatoglyphic papillary pattern for more complete information about the subject.

Keywords: fingerprinting, dermatoglyphics, crime, criminal, identity, papillary patterns, search engine model

1. Introduction

Requirements to combat crimes, especially with the increase in the number of serious, now require the development of new prevention methods, which include, inter alia, the study of dermatoglyphicu structure of the papillary pattern, combed through each finger, palm, shared account combed through other signs. Previously individual scientists, the view was expressed that the criminals have avilable papillary pattern. To confirm the provisions of the present study was carried out by the author.

2. Methodology

Research was conducted from 2010-2015 years. Theoretical studies have be n analysed in previous years by other authors, conducted various analogies and comparisons have also been studied papillary patterns perpetrators of serial murders. Results were compared to establish existing dermatoglyphics features.

3. Discussion

Papillary patterns palmprints are object of study as the fingerprinting system, and subject of study of the genetic features of functional properties of the human body: the predisposition to certain diseases; susceptibility to certain types of occupations; engaging in certain activities; human behavior in extreme situations; other behavioral characteristics; compatibility of couples (Guseva, 2010; Zvyagin & Rakitin, 2012; Yarovenko, 2011).

The founder of the scientific study of dermatoglyphic links and behavioral characteristics considered English scholar N. Jaguin, who discovered the high occurrence of the curls have condemned with deformations in the moral sphere (Jaguin, 1934).

Currently needs to combat crimes, especially with the increase in the number of serious, require the development of new preventive measures, which include genetic methods, in particular, dermatoglyphic. In science was expressed a different opinion (Andreeva & Kitaev, 2009). Scientists and practices pay attention to the results of medical dermatoglifike to establish a link between the characteristics of papillary pattern, human behavior and its external appearance (Yarovenko & Chistikin, 1994; Mazur, 2009; Badikov, 2012; Vlasov, 2012; Efremov, 2014). So, A. Titarenko found that criminals in 94.1% of the observed asymmetry bed account (Titarenko, 2010).

In 1998, scientists investigated the dermatoglyphics 17 perpetrators of serial murders for sexual reasons, among them Chikatilo, Golovkin, Asimov. To determine predisposition to serial killings, in their view, you must set the type and appearance of papillary pattern and their relationship to the hands.

Dermatoglyphics serial killers showed signs of left handed: asymmetric patterns of thumbs with a more complex pattern-baby curl on the left hand and the more simple-loop on the right hand. Chikatilo was left-handed, he's on the big toe of the right arm there was a loop pattern, and on the thumb of the left hand is, whorl. Based on the results, the scientists have concluded that the deviant behavior. Maniac killer may be a rare constitutional type of the central nervous system, abbreviated type left handed (Bogdanov, Samihenko, & Hvylya-Olinter, 1998).

If this is indeed the case, fingerprint card Chikatilo is a marker of serial killers. In our view, this conclusion should be critical of, first, the authors conducted an incomplete dermatoglyphic study of papillary pattern based on Chikatilo only papillary pattern of distal phalanges of fingers on fingerprint card. …

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