Academic journal article IUP Journal of Soft Skills

The Importance of Effective Presentation for Organizational Success

Academic journal article IUP Journal of Soft Skills

The Importance of Effective Presentation for Organizational Success

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Presenting the information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get the message or opinion across and, today, presentation skills are required in almost every field. Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life like business, selling, training, teaching and lecturing that develops confidence and other social situations. The formats of presentations are oral, multimedia, PowerPoint, short impromptu and long-planned. Good preparation-through certain tips like natural talk to audience, standing rather than sitting, varying the tone, eye contact, using visual aids, checking timings, structuring the presentation, staying focused and alert throughout the presentation, answering honestly and concisely to the questions raised-is the groundwork for making a presentation effective. It is important to state the purpose clearly at the beginning to talk about, report on, to examine, to instruct, to explain, to outline, to fill, to give an overview, to highlight and to discuss the subject of presentation. Presentation should have three main elements: the introduction, middle and conclusion. Within the main body of the presentation, divide the key message into three elements and then expand each of these points into three sub-points. If one is using a visual aid such as PowerPoint, limit the number of bullet points to three on each slide and expand on each of these points as one goes along. Presentation programs can either supplement or replace the use of older visual aid technology, such as pamphlets, handouts, chalkboards, flip charts, posters, slides and overhead transparencies. Text, graphics, movies, and other objects are positioned on individual pages or "slides" or "foils". The "slide" analogy is a reference to the slide projector, a device that has become somewhat obsolete due to the use of presentation software. Slides can be printed, or (more usually) displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter. Transitions between slides can be animated in a variety of ways, as can the emergence of elements on a slide itself. Typically, a presentation has many constraints, the most important being the limited time to present consistent information.

Importance of Presentation

Presentation communicates the message in an interesting, succinct and clear way. A famous psychologist Jeff Goins says, "People do judge a book by its cover, so the best thing to do is to write a good book and design a good cover for it".

Presentations are important to a company or an organization because good presentations improve communications within the company, which improves morale and reduces stress. Miscommunication is very expensive for a company and misunderstandings waste time. It clarifies the company's policy and improves the chances of selling the product or an idea. Thus, organizations are judged on their presentations. The elements of dynamic delivery include body language (55%), content (7%) and voice (38%).

Those who understand how to present effectively do understand how to structure their presentations, what to say and how to say it in order to make an impact on their audience. Even 'off-the-cuff ' presentations are more effective if the person delivering it has an understanding of what is required in the presentation process.

The audience would then be more receptive to the message which is being communicated. Further, it gives a chance to the presenter to build up confidence from presentation to presentation. One cannot be a good presenter overnight. Once the presenter has mapped out what he/she wants to say, he/she needs some visual material and, if appropriate, a formal paper or maybe a brief that the audience can read beforehand. For an informal peer review, a whiteboard or a flip chart is fine. For a more formal occasion, the use of a PC presentation package such as PowerPoint may be more suitable.


The principal advantage of any presentation is that one can interact with the audience. …

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