Academic journal article Journal of Psychosocial Research

"Erotica" - the Art of Loving: Exhibits the Special Archeological Collection

Academic journal article Journal of Psychosocial Research

"Erotica" - the Art of Loving: Exhibits the Special Archeological Collection

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"Erotica" - The art of loving: Exhibits the special archeological collection Price: 3230 Hardcover: 204 pages, Publisher: Gyan Books (2013), Language: English, ISBN-10: 819084301X

"He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore."

- By Sigmund Freud (Cohn, 2004).

Does human being seeks to express the unconscious by expressing consciously in the form of Erotica? May be it is true! If one believes in the existence of the unconscious which always propels the behavior manifestation as Freud said. Unconscious expressions are similar to the waves that constantly keeptouching the shore. Erotica literally means that the things which can induce and boost the sexual excitement. Seeking sexual excitement is one of the human behaviors from the positive perspective. In the field of sexology1 it is one of the important areas of researchto be understood.

Archeological researches have been playing an important role in widening the understanding about gender, andsexuality issues. The book written by Roberta Gilchrist's Gender and Archaeology: Contesting the Past; Sarah M Nelson's - Handbookof Gender in Archaeology and various others have greatly contributed in this area. There is a limited literature which describes such aspects hailing from Indian soil.

Attracting the partner is part of any being's inherent quality. The male Peacock bird showing the wonderful feathers, Male Frigate birds using the sight and the sound to attract the female bird, Impalas fighting to establish the territory and to achieving a mate. In all these instances it is quite evident that the aspect ofappealingin sexual life serves the purpose of seeking pleasure (specific for pig, dolphins, and humans etc.), bonding and also the reproduction there by helping the survival of the species. How aboutHomo sapiens? Do Homo sapiens seeks the excitement and communicates in some way? It is a very interesting area of exploration. The Erotica is a way to express the sexual excitement in a human species. It is a creative way of expression of the passion. Sexualityaspects are being and are the whispered conversations since the time immemorial but, people have found the way to express few in the most creative way.

'Erotica - The art of loving' is a book by popularsexologist of the 1990s and to the present Dr. Prakash Kothari, has been first published during 2006 and has been republished in 2013. Author has several publications to his credit at national and international level. …

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