Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Creative Activity of National Intelligencia in the Creation of Kazakh Terminology

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

The Creative Activity of National Intelligencia in the Creation of Kazakh Terminology

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The issues relating to the creating, formation, systematizing and putting in good order the terminology as a phenomenon is of vital importance for full-blended functioning of the Kazakh language in various fields of science. The present article focuses on the studying of factures that display the formation of scientific style and terminology at the beginning of XX century. It also emphasizes the rule of translation, first course book, and the usage of terms; characteristic features of scientific style, their special nature stage of formation and their development peculiarities. The study of Kazakh progressive-mind scholars' heritage who unsparingly contributed the functioning of the Kazakh language in science is very significant both for science and society.

Keywords: term, the use of terms, terminology, scientific terminology, scientific style, scientific language, Kazakh intelligentsia, the first course books

1. Introduction

The status of the literary language is closely connected with its functioning as the language of science. One of the ways of developing the Kazakh language as the language of science is first and foremost to define the scientific status of it. Second, to regulate constituent parts of terminological units. Third, to determine methods and techniques of defining the meaning of the term.

Scientific and terminological problems of scientific style and terminology have been investigated by D. S. Lotte (1969), G. O. Vinokur (1939), V. D. Petushkov (1972, pp. 102-116), A. A. Reformatsky (1968, pp. 103-125), O. I. Blinova (1981, pp. 45-58), V. P. Danilenko (1977), F. P. Sorokoletov (1976), B. N. Golovin (1973), O. V. Felde (2010, pp. 71-76), C. V. Grinyev (1993; 2008, p. 304), I. P. Galperin, V. V. Vinogradov, A. V. Superanskaya, etc. In the works of the XX- th century scholars V. M. Leychick (1989), S. D. Shelov (2011, pp. 7-18) the concept (term) is not considered as a separate element, but as a whole system. Topic problems of terminology in the XXI century were discussed in the learned works by S. L. Mishlanova (2003), V. A. Tatarinov (1995; 1996), M. N. Volodina (1997, pp. 217-222), etc.

The scientific language and its terminological issues in the Kazakh linguistics date back to the works by A. Baitursynov (2003, p. 208), Zh. Aimauytov (2005, p. 448), Kh. Dosmukhambeduly (1997, p. 176), K. Kemengerov, S. Zhienbayev, the burning topic of Kazakh national terminology was brought to a qualitative close by R. Syzdyk (2009, p. 518), A. Kaydarov (2008, p. 343), U. Aitbayev (1997, p. 240), Sh. Kurmanbayev (1999; 2008; 2014), Sh. Mazhitayeva (2000, p. 234; 2007; 2014). The importance of in-depth study of terminology in various fields of science defining their composition and structure giving the right definition in Kazakh linguistics has been especially emphasized by M. Moldazharov, S. Akayev, Sh. Bilyalov, K. Ayapbergenova, K. Kurkebayev, A. Konurova, A. Nurzhanova, S. Sarsenova, etc.

2. Materials and Methods

The main conclusions have been made on researching into the works by A. Baitursynov, Kh. Zhubanov, K. Kemengerov, T. Skonanov, Zh. Aimautov, Kh. Dosmukhamedov published in the twenties and thirties of the XX century translation and mass media sources of that time. Various methods such as comparison, confrontation, statistical analysis, synthesis, language and stylistic analysis have been applied in the present study.

3. Results

The range of social functions of the Kazakh language has broadened and stored up fresh energy since it gained official status. Therefore at the present state of social official status the formation a scientific language to a grant extent depends on the creating of scientific style and scientific terminology. Every era every stage of society development brings about innovations, it is the language a means that provides a new concept with a new name. A natural term enables spiritual progress, an indication of the development of science. …

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