Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Strategic Management of Coal Mining Industry Efficiency

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Strategic Management of Coal Mining Industry Efficiency

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The purpose of this study is to develop recommendations for the coal mining industry efficiency strategic management. The authors developed a mathematical economic models to maximize the net present value of the index of companies in the composition of the coal mining industry and calculated the efficiency of Russian enterprises in the composition of the coal mining industry in Russia in 2013 using MathCad. The authors identified the main problems of coal mines and in the quality of their solutions offer an innovative approach to strategic management of the industry of the country, which includes: establishing a common standard in the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the situation, management decision-making at all levels of corporate and public governance; elimination of dogmatism in the organization of corporate and public governance, encouraging maximum independence and initiative of corporate management in the framework of national development strategies; Schooling management training to all levels of management autonomy, rapid, and therefore efficient and effective management within the company's strategy; creation of a unified and transparent system of monitoring of management decisions and increase the level of responsibility of managers at all levels and branches of government for the implementation of the national strategy, and within it is a strategy of smaller entities. The result of the joint implementation of the proposed principles in the organization of strategic management at different levels of management should be a combination of freedom in solving economic problems and personal initiative managers.

Keywords: coal mining industry, efficiency, "personal factor", "strategic engagement", strategic management

1. Introduction

The need for a permanent improvement of quality management of business processes that determine the structure and functional areas of modern production management defined by the increased requirements of the competitive environment, increased competition with multinational corporations in the domestic market, followed by the national adaptation techniques and tools of strategic management in Russian economic conditions, the increasing number of factors, adversely affecting the normal course of the reproduction process, the changing role and status of enterprises in the national economy and giving them the status of the main component of sustainable growth of competitiveness and welfare of the Russian nation.

The urgency of modernization of industrial management of the country has been repeatedly emphasized in the President of the Russian Federation Federal Assembly, the need for such modernization aimed at increasing the effectiveness of strategic management across the sectors and industries of the national economy has long recognized as a separate system of public administration sectors, industries and industrial complexes of the country and by the industry. Expanding the scope of strategic management, the introduction of new teaching and methodological approaches to the organization of production using the principles of strategy and complexity will increase the efficiency of target complex programs with significant economic value, provide high-quality production processes, review, implementation and monitoring of management decisions in terms of the complex regard to their relevance and possible consequences, ultimately is a positive impact on the final results of industrial enterprises by improving the accuracy and validity, and thus increase the positive and reduce the negative impacts of management decisions.

2. Materials and Method

Russia remains one of the world leaders in the production of coal. In its interior focused one-third of the world's coal resources (173 billion) and one fifth of proven reserves. Steam coal reserves account for about 80%. Industrial stocks of existing enterprises make up almost 19 billion. Tons, including coking coal - about 4 billion tons. …

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