Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Prospective Mechanisms of Peripheral Areas Investment and Innovation Potential Formation

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Prospective Mechanisms of Peripheral Areas Investment and Innovation Potential Formation

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In this study conducted a comprehensive study of investment and innovation processes in conjunction with the problems of balanced economic development mesa-level, modify the basic economic proportions and the speaker on the one hand, the factor, and the other - the result of a regional self-development and interregional cooperation, is of particular relevance is the backbone target benchmark regional social and economic policy. A very need innovation-oriented development of the regional investment potential of paramount importance for Russia as a whole, and for its regional components, the prospects of dynamic development which largely involve the presence of an effective, articulating the functional components and hierarchical levels, the mechanism of activation of innovation-oriented investment and support of innovative activity of economic entities. Last in the current economic realities becomes as important competitive advantage and sustainable operation of the main factors of economic and reproductive system of the region. The effectiveness of the efforts and actions towards the formation of a favorable investment environment and innovative qualities of the regional economy, which are understood as its ability to self-renew, change adaptation and generation of scientific and technological progress, sustainable development, production and maintenance of its competitiveness in the long term, depends not only on the available resource capabilities as the availability and effectiveness of regional investment mechanism regulating and coordinating the development of innovative sphere of the region.

Keywords: peripheral areas, prospective mechanisms, investment and innovation potential, region

1. Introduction

Differentiation of the innovation potential and the associated disparity focusing on the innovation investments can be traced both globally and on a national scale. Received the results of this evaluation confirm the fact that in a substantial regionalization of the national economy, meaning the absolute importance of regional determinants in the development of an innovation-oriented regional investment policy is necessary to develop mechanisms aimed at creating conditions to ensure effective and practical cooperation between scientific, technological and innovative sector with the sphere of production and other spheres of life.

The main reasons that cause the contradiction between having a sufficiently high investment and innovation potential of individual peripheral areas of the country and the results of their use of the conjugate are imperfect mechanism for commercialization of intellectual property; lack of legislative and legal framework of innovation and investment de yours elf; the low social status of a research scientist, entrepreneur, innovator; absence of significant incentives for innovation financing; often non-market management in science and technology, and poor knowledge of the majority of managers based on innovative economic development of the region; undeveloped incentives for banks to participate in financing innovation and insurance risks of investment and innovation; low level of information and advisory system for participants in the innovation process in the peripheral areas, and others. In other words, the lack of adequate modern realities of management methods and mechanisms of innovation-oriented investment activity in its geographically localized forms is one of the major reasons for the instability of innovation and economic development in general and persistent imbalances in the regions of Russia.

2. Subject

Subjects of the research are the prospective mechanisms of peripheral areas investment and innovation potential formation.

3. Materials and Methods

The emergence of an innovative economy has led to an explosive growth of disparities in terms of innovation-oriented investments between the different regions of the world economy, among the major subjects of the Russian Federation and the rest of the territory. …

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