Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Risk Aspects of Creation of Investment E-Platform as a Tool of Support for Small Innovative Enterprises

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Risk Aspects of Creation of Investment E-Platform as a Tool of Support for Small Innovative Enterprises

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The article shows the results of research for the allocation of risk aspects of creation of investment E-platform for support for small innovative enterprises, which possess an important role under conditions of transition of Russia's economy to innovational path of development. Small innovative enterprises can become one of the key subjects of innovational activity, providing quick and effective development and commercialization of various innovations. However, under modern Russian conditions, small innovative enterprises do not fulfill that role fully. It is established that creation of investment E-platform will be a tool for active development of small innovative enterprises, using various approaches for stimulation of demand for innovations and investments into their development and use in modern innovative economy. On order to provide favorable conditions for creation and functioning of investment E-platform, it is necessary to study specific risk aspects. On the basis of identification of factors and reasons for risks emergence, it is necessary to determine the classifier of possible types of risks, depending on the stage of innovative process, which will allow formulating the portfolio of the most significant risk aspects of creation of investment E-platform, aimed at attracting the maximum number of investors.

Keywords: small innovative enterprises, investment E-platform, risks, risk aspects, risk portfolio, risk management

1. Introduction

The task of building innovative economy in Russia is one of the most important in the conception of long-term development of the country by 2020. New technologies and knowledge form real competitive advantages and become a decisive factor for economic growth. Transfer of technologies (process of transition of technologies from the sphere of development for practical use) is the fastest in small enterprises.

Small innovative enterprises (SIE) are a connecting link between science and production. In high-tech economies, small innovative enterprises comprise the most dynamic sector of innovative economy, which is capable to quickly react to the requirements of the market. Small enterprises often take the risk while developing new products and technologies and taking them to the market. Due to risk character of their activity, their list constantly changes: some companies disappear, and others emerge.

Despite the fact that Russia is not a leader of innovational development, its potential in this sphere exceeds the result characteristics manifold. Under such conditions, the involvement of our country in global innovative processes is an absolute requirement, as, otherwise, it will be impossible to reach the average global technological level and reach the indicators that are similar to those of the rivals.

According to the research data, share of small innovative enterprises in Germany constitutes 62%, in Norway - 49%, in France - 38%, in Great Britain - 23.7%. The highest indicator of innovative enterprises among the European countries belongs to Ireland - 75%.

National Science Foundations (USA) gives the following indicators. Among the science-intensive companies, the share of subjects of small business constitutes? 89%; at that, the share of small innovative enterprises among enterprises of the sphere of software development is 98%, 97% - in the sphere of photonics and optics, 96% - in the sphere of science-intensive service, and 96% - in the sphere of conduct of qualifying operations. Small innovative enterprises comprise approx. 90% of the total number of companies of electronic industry of the USA.

As the number of Russian small innovative enterprises is far less than foreign analogs, it is a serious problem for the country as a whole and for regions. Thus, a lot of investors are not eager to invest their money, until they know what risks wait for them and what their profit will be (Morkovina, 2014).

Small business has the largest sensitivity for socio-economic situation, for any changes in external environment, which predetermines the necessity for its support - primarily, financial one. …

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