Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

A Comparative Study of Teacher's Effectiveness among Government and Private Teachers in Relation to Role Conflict

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

A Comparative Study of Teacher's Effectiveness among Government and Private Teachers in Relation to Role Conflict

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Teacher effectiveness

Teaching is a human activity. It is also said 'good teacher are by birth not made. An effective teacher succeeds in producing desired charger among the students through his/her teaching. He/She is satisfied with teaching as a profession and able to accomplish the prefixed goals of teaching effectively.

The term 'teaching effectiveness' seems to imply effectiveness of teaching within the unit, whereas teacher effectiveness addresses individual teacher performance and to the measure of success of teacher in carrying out institutional and other specified duties demanded by the nature of his/her position. Teacher effectiveness include efficacy in strategies of instruction, student and classroom management, inter personal relations, evaluation and feedback etc. The teacher effectiveness is made up of two familiar words 'teacher' and 'effectiveness'. Teacher is a person who teaches i.e. impart knowledge or skills to the learner. 'Effectiveness' is the quality of being successful in producing an intended result' (Collin's English Dictionary)

Role conflict

At present, the man has become more materialistic. So the living style of the people has changed totally. In this race of modernization women also help financially their family for better materialistic living. In this way the role of female are also includes many other roles. So the people are confused in performing the different type of roles. Due to which they are not able to play their role properly and full of conflict.

A modem teacher of our society cannot be expected to fit into the image of prehistoric "Guru" who lived the life of a sage in some forest. A teacher being a member of the modem society has to play diverse and dynamic roles to meet his various need, obligation and expectations. In doing so he often suffers from role conflict particularly when he has to perform certain roles to meet his conflicting or in compatible expectations. Thus role conflict affects the effectiveness of teaching negatively.

"Role conflict occurs when there are incompatible demands placed upon an employee such that compliance with both would be difficult. We experience role conflict when we find ourselves pulled in various directions as we try to respond to the many statuses we hold. Role conflict can be something that can be for either a short period of time, or a long period of time, and it can also be connected to situational experiences.

A role is a set of expectations people have about the behaviour of the person in a position. It is an expected mode of behaviour. An individual occupies many different positions in a variety of Social setting and perform multiple roles.

Role conflict is the result of divergent role expectations. It exists when the expectations of a job are mutually different or opposite and the individual cannot meet one expectation without rejecting the other.

Thus role conflict is a special form of Social conflict that takes place when one is forced to takes on two different and incompatible roles at the same time. For example a doctor who has two commitments, that of doctor that of father. He must decide whether he should present on his daughter's birthday party (in roles of father) or attend an ailing patient (as a "doctor").

Types of role conflicts: These are four major forms of roles conflict these are following

a) Person role conflict

b) Inter roles conflict

c) Intra sender role conflict

d) Inter sender role conflict

Teacher's effectiveness and role conflict

Combs ( 1974) stated that the effective teacher is a unique human being who has learned to in the education but William et al. (2007) viewed that students have higher use him / her effectively and efficiently to carry out his/her own and society's purpose achievement in reading when they attend school characterized by higher levels of teachers' collaboration. Effective teachers will be even more effective in a collaborative Workplace. …

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