Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

The Spiritual Vein of Building Motivational Leadership in Contemporary World

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

The Spiritual Vein of Building Motivational Leadership in Contemporary World

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As matter of fact in every human activity a leader is needed to guide a group of people. Every individual does have the capability to transform himself. A great leader is for him self but a good leader is for others. Leader like Hitler became megalomaniac and became the prisoner of Ego. The Stanford Research Institute finds out that twelve percent of "effective management" is knowledge and eighty eight percent is dealing appropriately with people. One can be a good manager without being a leader, but one cannot be a good leader without being a good manager. Peter Drucker the Management Guru rightly pointed out that "Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things." Management efficiency is climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. Leadership is a by-product of spirituality. Spiritualism is not committed to a particular religion like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc. but the spirit is the same in all religions. Spiritualism is the manifestation of divinity in human beings. Spiritual disciplines bring into one the awareness of that which will give a new and true meaning into every act of him. Spiritual discipline is the overcoming of the ego. It believes in transformation of love into service. Spirit of love is equal to spirituality. Spirituality is Summum Bonum of education. Education is the manifestation of human values in man. Education is for elevation of one's self.


E- Enlightenment

D- Duty

U- Understanding

C- Character



I- Integrity


N- Nobility

It goes without saying that education is the provider of skill and information so that man can live in health and happiness and understanding of ones inner urge and their sublimation in order to attain lasting peace, equanimity and bliss (Chibber, 1999). Education must discriminate between right and wrong that doesn't instill the fear of skin and love of god, train one in the code of humility and reverence. The corruption and cruelty are rampant in the globe and people live with selfishness, greed, pomp, injustice and constant fear. The end of education is building of character.

Veda says" Na Karmana, na prajaya, na dhanena, Thyagenika amrutatwa manshu" (not by action, not by progeny, not by wealth but by sacrifice alone can immortality be achieved).''Sacrifice, selflessness and renunciation of self-interest are the aspect of spiritualism. This means spirituality is to rise above religion and one has to rescue himself from the limits of regulations, ceremonies and rites that religion prescribes.

Objective of the study

The objective of the study is to find out the attitude of the leader to deal with human beings, who are complex in their characters, needs aspiration and responses to various situations. Further in this study, an humble attempt has been made to develop leadership qualities by understanding the human psyche. A leader has to realize his true self or the innermost self to overcome emotional barriers, consciousness barriers etc. Leadership style is very much related to the functioning of an integrated human being. It is not that every being takes conscious decisions. In fact the whole process is internalized into a total system and the leader may take the decision in the subconscious manner. This study also focuses on self-less work with dedication, commitment, institutional goals with an attitude of un-attachment. A leader must perform his obligatory duties with a human face. The leader has no fear and favour for any body. Visionary leaders are consistently compassionate. Fearlessness is a state where the mind is clear and strong enough to take right decision. Swami Vivekananda rightly said that "Arise, awake, stop not till the goal is achieved". The leader has to be in a tranquil atmosphere as pleasure and pain are inevitable. Pain is an interval between two pleasures and pleasure is an interval between two pains. …

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