Academic journal article English Language Teaching

Teachers' Voice: A Needs Analysis of Teachers' Needs for Professional Development with the Emergence of the Current English Textbooks

Academic journal article English Language Teaching

Teachers' Voice: A Needs Analysis of Teachers' Needs for Professional Development with the Emergence of the Current English Textbooks

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The study attempts to reveal the attitudes' of the English teachers toward teachers' professional development, to identify the needs of English teachers for Teachers' professional development, to clarify the challenges that faced by English teachers throughout their teachers' professional development. The study uses a descriptive methods to describe and analyse the needs of English teachers for TPD. In the present study, the sample population consists of 40 EFL teachers chosen randomly, both female and male English teachers working in AL-Quwayiyah town in Saudi Arabia during the academic year 2014-2015. In order to achieve the goals of the study, two main data collection instruments are used: (1) a questionnaire and (2) semi-structured interviews. The questionnaire is consisted of three dimensions each demission has 17 multiples statements while interviews are conducted with eight English teachers both male and female English teachers in order to identify the quality of TPD they attended, their satisfaction toward the teachers' professional development, their expectations as well as their suggestions for better teachers' professional development. The findings of the study clarifies that TPD is essential and effective with the emergency of the current English textbooks. TPD increases teachers learning, achievement and improves teaching quality. As a result, teachers' professional development results in improving students' success and achievement.

Keywords: attiude, challage, needs anlaysis, professional development, teacher's need, teacher's voice

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

Saudi English language teachers struggle with the emergence of the new English textbooks, they cannot figure out what and how to teach the new English textbooks and cannot negotiate the curriculum frameworks, pre-packed program, district guidelines that they find in their new positions as facilitates .The need of teachers' professional development emeries because of the need of change in the way of teaching English language and because of the teachers needs of more care, more professional development, more training courses, and the need to get to know about the future goals of the new Saudi English language textbooks. Therefore, the research seeks to find a models for preparing teachers to determine how best to teach content and then equip those teachers with knowledge and skills that will enable them to do so. Thus, the research aims to increasing the quality of in -service teachers, enhancing the proficiency and professionalism of teaching and teachers.

The professional development's needs can be approached from two perspectives: the target language needs which stands for improving and maintaining teacher English proficiency and the pedagogical needs which stands for gaining knowledge and skills for language teaching. Hayes Mizell (2010) clarifies that Professional development yields three levels of results: (a) educators learn new knowledge and skills because of their participation; (b) educators use what they learn to improve teaching and leadership; and (c) student learning and achievement increase because educators use what they learned in professional development.

The reason behind choosing the topic of the research is the awareness of raising the teaching quality which is one of the most important factors that arises students achievement this can be achieved through professional developments for teachers. Hayes Mizell (2010) clarifies that professional development provides ongoing opportunities for educators to continue to improve their knowledge and skills so that, they can help students achieve what is supposed to be achieved. When educators learn, students learn more. Nevertheless, anyone concerned about their students' futures will want to support a cycle of continuous professional growth for educator.

The research is beneficial to the Ministry of Education English department, to the English language development project, to English language supervisors, to English language teachers, and researchers in language learning and language teaching. …

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