Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Significance of an Educational Game in Teaching Politology

Academic journal article International Education Studies

The Significance of an Educational Game in Teaching Politology

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Game-based learning is being increasingly used in teaching humanities. In teaching politology, it seems to bring the most effective results. Through educational games, learners can fully experience modeling particular situations in the job of a would-be political technologist, which would guarantee training professional politologists with maximum effectiveness. Contemporary environment demands the masterly possession of the gaming methodology, as a fundamental one to instilling into a future politician or politologist such qualities as independent thinking, the fast discovery of the optimal solution to a problem, being stress-resistant and preserving the ability to analyze.

Keywords: an educational game, politology, methodology, interactive learning technologies

1. Introduction

In the modern post-industrial society the role of a teacher has to change, being not only that of a knowledge-translator but also-of an experience translator. Since the demand to possess a broad outlook, to have uniform standard requirements to all students and the tradition of indisputable authority of a teacher have been replaced by the opportunity to choose subjects, narrow specialization and striving for a concrete result, the role of a teacher has become more that of a consultant.

The entire approach to the algorithm of gaining knowledge has itself changed. The growing pressure of social influences makes traditional teaching methods problematic in perception. The number of children that reveal the so-called syndrome of an autistic-type disorder has notably grown. This tendency has become pandemic in the recent thirty years. It caused the UNO to formally establish April, the 2nd, 2008 as the international Day for promoting the information about autism. In our country, though with a slight lag, a dramatic increase in the number of children with special needs in education has been registered, too. Which makes the issue of the forms that education and socialization should take not only a relevant one, but one of the top priority.

Russia has long been actively seeking effective educational technologies. The contribution of the Soviet era researchers is undeniable in this field. A. S. Vygotsky, A. N. Leontiev, G. P. Schedrovitsky and others are the leading names among lots of others, who have all contributed greatly to shaping a most interesting format of educational activity-such as a game. This format of educational environment presumes using interactive means of teaching. Since in a game the concept of «knowledge» is unified into a whole with the concepts of «experience» and «understanding», it brings the possibility to enlarge the traditional forms of learning by gaming technologies, which, when applied to politology subjects, not only provide the studying of the facts, but also affect the emotional side of the student.

Taking into account the demands of the modern Russian society, shaping a new political reality in Russia is an issue at the top of the agenda. Determining the national motto as well as the station of Russia on the global arena, making the society self-aware of its role in global political trends as a whole and each Russian citizen-as an individual, all this poses concrete tasks before the Russian political education doctrine. First of all, it is raising the level of political awareness of the Russians, along with providing them with the skill to navigate the contemporary political space, with the knowledge of the Russian geopolitical interests, it is boosting the patriotic component in their political consciousness, their active engagement in building the New Russia.

2. Methodology

The educational game «The essence of a political regime as an operating form of the political system».

The goal: to shape the basic ideas about the operating mechanism of a political regime as a form of the political system».

The objectives are:

* To shape and learn to use the set of concepts required for the topic «The political regime». …

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