Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Factors Affecting the Choice of School and Students' Level of Interest towards the Maritime Program

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Factors Affecting the Choice of School and Students' Level of Interest towards the Maritime Program

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Several factors may be considered in selecting school and degree program like quality education, the people from the environment, personal choice; and accessibility of the school from students' residences. This study utilized a descriptive type of research method with Freshman Maritime students as respondents. Findings revealed that it is the personal choice of the students to enroll in maritime program in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas (LPU-B) with the support primarily from their parents wherein quality education through being known as home of board topnotchers and its standards are considered big factor for their decision. They also believed that finishing maritime education would bring them in employment abroad which is basically the nature of duties and responsibilities of seafarers. High interest towards the degree program is also manifested among the maritime students. Maritime students graduated from public schools have significantly higher chance of being influenced by people in choosing the school and degree program and they also have significantly higher degree of interest towards the maritime program compared to those graduated from private schools.

Keywords: quality education, interest, maritime education, LPU, Filipino

1. Introduction

Graduating students from secondary schools may not have solid decision on where to go in college and what degree program they may possibly take. They are planning to enter college without clear idea of what career to pursue for their future (Ramirez & Dizon, 2014). They may sometimes consider the people and the information they received within their environment. There are several factors that may affect the decision of students and parents, where it can be a good source of insight for private higher education institutions to offer quality services that will suit to the needs, expectations and demands of the community. Academic institutions sought to observe the requirements of the customers, prospective students and other clients like industry partners when preparing an educational program (Hrnciar & Madzík, 2013). Degree programs and other student services are being developed to promote the image of the university (Nadelson, Semmelroth, Martinez, Featherstone, Fuhriman, & Sell, 2013).

With the curricular offerings of private colleges and universities which are almost identical programs makes diversification very difficult (Vaz & Mansori, 2013). Therefore, the competitive edge, uniqueness and quality must be established in educational marketing through image building while helping and guiding the parents towards the achievement of their desire for the success of their children.

The decision on good career choice and school sometimes depend on how the way students perceive the world and their future. Some of them may not have enough knowledge and consciousness about how they should process information from personal, social, economical, political, spiritual and environmental aspects of putting into context and realization of having a successful profession. Pafili and Mylonakis (2011) emphasized that in coming up with the right decision of what profession to take, students can properly utilize their skills and knowledge to gain proper experience who could contribute to the development and welfare of the society but Koni, Zainal, and Ibrahim (2012) noted that some studies show that not all students who enter a university have the intention to obtain the degree.

This study is more on preventive rather than a corrective action on the problems or consequences that may occur when the implementation of K-12 in the Philippines will reach in 2016 wherein no first year students will enroll in college. Deeper understanding on how customers make their choices and who make the choices are essential considerations in image building, marketing and advertising. The faculty members, students and marketing staff of the university assist the graduating students from various secondary schools within its vicinity and along the neighboring towns in the region to think of the appropriate college degree program that will be suitable to the needs of their respective communities or match to their line of interest. …

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