Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Influence of Local Leadership in Poverty Eradication among the Orang Asli Communities in the State of Terengganu, Malaysia

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Influence of Local Leadership in Poverty Eradication among the Orang Asli Communities in the State of Terengganu, Malaysia

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Statistics show until now more than 30% of Orang Asli in Malaysia is still living in poverty. The government plans to eradicate the poverty facing many challenges. One of the challenges is related to the local synchronic factors, which include aspects of culture, belief, attitude, values and leadership. A survey was conducted on Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Pergam, Terengganu to identify the importance of the role of local leaders in ensuring the successful implementation of a development project that aims to poverty eradication among the local population. The village is chosen based on its performance in a number of development projects, and has successfully enhance socio-economic status of the population. Objective of the survey is to identify: (i) What are the characteristics that are capable of leadership impacts on local poverty alleviation project success. (ii) What role should be played by local leaders to make sure every development project undertaken to achieve objective. Survey data were collected by using interviews and observation techniques. Survey findings show personality traits of a leader is an important factor affecting the success of a leader of its own related to the implementation of development projects. In addition to the leadership structure also has a significance practiced in community development. From the point role of leadership, the element of awareness of the responsibility and commitment of the leaders in developing the village is important. Orang Asli leaders in the Kampung Sungai Pergam have initiative and commitment in ensuring their future progress of development for their village.

Keywords: Orang Asli, poverty, leadership, development, poverty eradicated

1. Introduction

Development of a country or society is not only measured in terms of economy, but also about the social aspects such as education, health, family, political, intellectual and spiritual. Development involves a continuous process undertaken by individuals, communities, government and anyone in authority do. The process is thus a difference in the pattern or patterns of life, both qualitatively (there has been a good change and bring well-being) and quantitative (size or number of aspects and items) (Nor Ashikin Mohd Saad, 2008).

Determination of the need for the implementation of the development is to be accomplished so that the results benefit the next target for a healthy life. The fact of development is actually something that can bring happiness to the people involved. Each planned development has the target. Therefore, the goal of development to bring prosperity to the target. The meaning behind his development agenda is development that can bring quality of life which encompasses all aspects of social, physical, economic and human. Its impact on the lives of very large universal whether development brings positive results or otherwise. Smoothness development occurs in stages in the context of a country that is on a national, regional and local levels.

For Malaysia, the existence of a society of different cultures together require different initiatives in development planning. Our development efforts are directed to everyone regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or social class. Similarly, ethnic minority groups in Malaysia. Ethnic minorities such as Orang Asli, aborigines of Sabah and Sarawak did not escape the attention of government to plan of development them.

In the context of the Orang Asli community, Malaysian government never marginalize this community to develop of their socio-economic order in line with other communities. Various efforts have been taken by the government (JAKOA, 2011). The evidence, since the First Malaysia Plan (1966-1970) again Orang Asli development agenda of the country has become known for sure as you indulge them weak and marginalized groups. Allotment for Orang Asli community continues to increase from time to time to draft begins during the first Malaysia Plan to be introduced so that the 10th Malaysia Plan. …

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