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Academic journal article Field

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This hyperlink links to nowhere, this other

to a clip of a chimp licking ants off a stick,

and my ship has hit the cliff and splintered-

the innards of the sheep I slit offered up

to the wrong god. My download folder is full,

and my joyous loyal friend, best comrade

in battle, who came to me first in worm-eaten

elkskin and in the end dressed in suits

and pressed shirts of peach and lilac,

is dead-speared through the neck. So I drop

to the dust of the municipal impound lot,

punish it with my fists, claw holes in it,

yank out handfuls of my long hair

and shove them in. The earth

will have me, have all of us. So have it.

Where is the ringtone that hints of that?

Or the app for spring? Blooms bursting

white and purple on the pastoral campus,

vast lawns are crossed by the radiant young,

their hearts laid waste already or riled by desire,

ears plugged with buds that won't blossom,

heads bowed, a tribe of Helen Kellers

spelling words into their palms. …

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