Academic journal article International Education Studies

Development of Effective Teacher Program: Teamwork Building Program for Thailand's Municipal Schools

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Development of Effective Teacher Program: Teamwork Building Program for Thailand's Municipal Schools

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This research is aimed to formulate the effective teacher teamwork program in municipal schools in Thailand. Primary survey on current situation and problem was conducted to develop the plan to suggest potential programs. Samples were randomly selected from municipal schools by using multi-stage sampling method in order to investigate their organization's situation and problem. Program for effective teamwork is an approach to enhance their working condition using collaboration of all teachers. Data analysis was the descriptive data using direct observation and questionnaire as data collection tools. Effectiveness of the program was reported in high satisfaction level due to its various applications for certain context. Collaboration was a key factor to enhance program effectiveness because of core values that participants held to achieve mutual goals. Suggestion in future study related to this research deals with administrators and organization's sponsorship for their teachers' awareness in team building for organizational effectiveness. Moreover, application of this research method on other types of organization may yield different research findings worth for investigation.

Keywords: effective team, teacher teamwork program, teaching professional development, team building program, Thailand's municipal schools

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Teamwork in Administration

In the presence, organizational administration in both public and private sectors are shifting their directions in development toward operational strategy that increases its efficiency and effectiveness. External competitiveness in the globalization is also the factor that drives each organization to adapt itself to comply with current situation. Organizational leaders are necessary to adjust the administration approach from the traditional administration which the leaders are sole administrator to be teamwork-driven organization. The efficacy of the team conveys competitiveness of the organization as well. Since complex conditions in administration require certain roles and responsibilities of the teamwork members to achieve the goal, it is crucial that teamwork would be the key success in making the right decision effectively (Covin & Kilmann, 1988; French & Bell, 1984). Teamwork was originally introduced in industry in 1920s, especially fostered by Mayo's research known as the Hawthorn Experiment. Definition of "teamwork" can be coined variously. Generally "teamwork" refers to a group of individuals who assigned to work to achieve a particular task. They are working on the mutual goal. (Francis & Young, 1979; Woodcock, 1989; Parker, 1990; Johnson, 1982). Similarly, Guzzo (1995) also noted the teamwork members were brought together by various goals into an individual team such as management teamwork, quality improvement teamwork, and intervention teamwork. The collaboration may be official or temporary team depending on expectation on efficiency and effectiveness.

1.2 Importance of the Teamwork to Educational Organization

School is an organization that has its typical characteristics. In fact, school objectives aim at student development that is the output of the organization. Curriculum in school has its own educational objectives based on the expectation of parents and teacher. Management of curriculum and instruction highly depends on teamwork of the teachers and administrator who run each school. Planning, operation, evaluation, and decision making in school development require active teamwork (Erawan, 2008). The development of teamwork in school is widely discussed. Conley (2004) suggested that teamwork forming is various by its purpose such as academic team, special service team, supervision team, and administrative team. Members of each team usually represent each department in school. Sometimes different members join the team by specific mission. Administrator plays the vital role in teamwork formation and supervision. …

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