Academic journal article International Education Studies

Role of Social Networks in Developing Religious and Social Values of the Students of the World Islamic Sciences & Education University

Academic journal article International Education Studies

Role of Social Networks in Developing Religious and Social Values of the Students of the World Islamic Sciences & Education University

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The study aimed to identify the role of Social Networks in the social and religious values of The World Islamic Sciences & Education University students. The study applied the survey and descriptive Approach. The population of the study represents all BA students who enrolled in the first academic semester for the year 2014-2015. The sample of the study, which was selected, using stratified random method, consisted of 334 male and female students. A questionnaire was used to collect data after its validity and reliability were checked. To answer the study's questions, means and standard deviations for every field of the study's field in addition to One-Sample T-test were used. Results showed statistical significant differences in the social and religious values attributed to means of social media. In light of the results. The study recommended the necessity of highlighting the value aspect of means of social media, studying the problems that hinder the activation of the role of Social Networks in the youth value reforming and conducting similar studies with different variables.

Keywords: the role, means of communication, values, religious values, social values

1. Introduction

The views and the philosophies agree on the importance of the values to the individual and the society and their dangerous role in building the human societies regardless of their beliefs and origins, Al-Jalad (2010) summarizes the importance of values to the individual as they are the core of humanity and they identify the individual's road and his behavior in life. Moreover, the values prohibit him from following his uncontrolled desires and they supply the individual with the effective and positive power in life in addition to the continuity of the society and its identity. It is believed that values are the engine and the guide of the behavior and the individual's attitudes towards many situations (Abd-Aljaleel, 2011; Al-khawalda, 2005). The value in Islam is a very important issue as it is mentioned many times in Quran Kareem (Holy Book) and Bayomi (2002) pointed that the individual work in raising children with positive values is useless because this work should be done through public and private institutions; educational, religious, social, cultural, and security ones.

The latest technology developments since the 1990s have changed greatly the world of communication as the networks were wide spread in the world linking the remote areas and people all around the world get closer a. network has become the best channel to exchange ideas and opinions between individuals and the groups. Websites, personal blogs and chat rooms which were later appeared, created a type of communication between their owners and users in one hand and between the users themselves (Radi, 2003). These websites are web pages appeared in Internet; some of them are allocated to advertise about goods and services or to sell products while others are e-newspapers where writers can publish their work and discuss it with the browsers, in addition to chat rooms and there are also the personal blogs which are used as diaries (Ameen, 2009; Vansoon, 2010).

Social Networks websites became the most common in network for the characteristics that distinguished them from other e-websites which encouraged internet browsers all around the world to use them (Karbinsiki, 2010). Although of the big number of criticisms of the Social Networks for their negative and direct effect in the family and the value system in addition to their participation in the society collapse, there are people who believe that the Social Networks are considered a very important mean to get societies closer and closer.

Youth category is the most important one in the society which holds the Nation's dreams and responsibility and the university students are considered the most important part in this social category because they are trained and specialized. Moreover, they are the basis for any change in all fields of life because of their effective role in the society and for their ability to interact with others (Al-badaina, Al-tarwana, Al-othman, & Abo-hasan, 2009; Bili, 2009). …

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