Academic journal article Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Michael Arnold: Editor Bloomberg News, Hong Kong

Academic journal article Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Michael Arnold: Editor Bloomberg News, Hong Kong

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Michael Arnold is an editor with Bloomberg News in Hong Kong. Previously he worked for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires in various parts of Asia and The Jerusalem Post in Israel, among other outlets. He also owns a music lounge and restaurant in the beach town of El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Originally from the Boston area, he is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of California at Berkeley.


Q1. Life is about stories. Do you have a favorite story you use as an icebreaker?


Q2. What are the top three characteristics that contributed to your success?

a. Flexibility. I've covered everything from Middle East politics to Asian economies to the Miss Universe pageant to, now, trains, planes, and ships. Be open to new challenges.

b. Hard work. Nothing in life comes easily. Be prepared to go above and beyond what your job calls for, whether your efforts are recognized or not. Put in the extra preparation because you never know when it will be needed.

c. Keep your eyes open. When you're interviewing a public figure who has been interviewed countless times before, you need to find little things that will give fresh insight into the person's mind and character. Often, it's the tiny observations you can make about a person's movements, speech, dress, or mannerisms that will make readers think, "I've read so much about this person already, but now I understand him a little better than before."

Q3. What life-changing events or decisions have guided your career?

After a few years at my first full-time journalism job, I was offered a promotion that sounded good in theory but that I knew I didn't particularly want. It was tough to go against the advice of peers and mentors, but I turned down the job, quit the paper, and moved to Israel to start anew as a freelancer. The beginning in Israel was rocky, but my five years there ultimately were a great boon to my career.

Q4. Tell us of any expressions your parents often repeated with you.


Q5. What is the biggest misconception about how to achieve success?

The notion that there is a set path to follow. People who follow the standard career path in their profession often will end up as just standard employees. Following your own muse can make you a more attractive job candidate to an organization that's not afraid to think outside the box-and will make you a much happier person. …

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