Academic journal article Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Andy Hibel: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer HigherEdJobs

Academic journal article Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Andy Hibel: Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer HigherEdJobs

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Andy Hibel is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of HigherEdJobs. HigherEdJobs' amazing growth over the past 19 years has established the website as a leader in the academic recruitment field. Mr. Hibel holds a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Illinois and a law degree from Indiana University, Indianapolis. Mr. Hibel's first career was in the field of planned giving, and he remains actively involved in the work of many nonprofits. Mr. Hibel is the husband of Elizabeth Hibel and the proud father of two energetic and hilarious daughters.


Q1. Life is about stories. Do you have a favorite story you use as an icebreaker?

I don't have a single favorite story as an icebreaker. When I find myself using a story, it is often a story about my wife or our children. I enjoy sharing stories about the daily joys of life with others as well as hearing about how others experience joy in life.

Q2. What are the top three characteristics that contributed to your success?

Ignorance, Perseverance, and Hard Work. If I had known what challenges would be further ahead on HigherEd Jobs' path to success, I would have had a lot more questions about my ability to succeed than I did. The determination of my partners and I to keep trying to solve the problems that seem impossible has helped us tremendously. As it is often said, there is no substitute for hard work.

Q3. What life-changing events or decisions have guided your career?

I was born without a thumb on my right hand as well as orthopedic birth defects in my left hand and both arms. When I was a child, my parents made a decision to work with a doctor to help construct a right thumb and fix the issues with my left side. The physical ability the surgeries gave me is incredible. Meeting my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Robert Carroll, was clearly a lifechanging event for me. Because of this experience, it was important to me to find a career where I could use my skills to help others.

Q4. Tell us of any expressions your parents often repeated with you.

My parents really led by example. They showed an amazing amount of courage and dedication to the lengthy process of working on my hand and arms. My dad has often said, "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff." I know he's right, but it is sure hard to remember that some days.

Q5. What is the biggest misconception about how to achieve success?

The biggest misconception about success is that the individual has control of the factors. Many of the factors are outside of the control of the person who is trying to achieve a goal, and it's likely a good portion of those factors are not even known. This is one of the reasons that at HigherEdJobs we try to demystify the academic hiring process. We know job seekers are focused on a goal, but they have a lot of unknowns. …

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