Academic journal article Language Arts

Rain Reign

Academic journal article Language Arts

Rain Reign

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Charlotte huck Winner Rain Reign Written by Ann M. Martin Feiwel and Friends, 2014, 226 pp., ISBN 978- 0- 3126- 4300- 3

Eleven-year-old Rose Howard likes three things:

1. Words (especially homonyms)

2. Rules

3. Numbers (especially prime numbers)

Rose's obsession with patterns and rules is symptomatic of her diagnosis of high-functioning autism spectrum and causes no end of frustration for her classmates, her teachers, and especially her father, a part-time mechanic and longtime barfly. Her mother has run away, and the only adult who seems to accept Rose as herself is her Uncle Weldon, her father's younger brother. When her father brings home a wet and collarless dog he found behind the local bar, Rose falls in love. She names the dog Rain (homonyms: reign and rein). Rain provides the unquestioning love and comfort that Rose has been missing.

Much of the story centers on Rose's relationship with her father, a well-meaning but damaged adult who spent much of his childhood in foster homes. …

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