Academic journal article English Language Teaching

A Study of Effect of Dramatic Activities on Improving English Communicative Speaking Skill of Grade 11th Students

Academic journal article English Language Teaching

A Study of Effect of Dramatic Activities on Improving English Communicative Speaking Skill of Grade 11th Students

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1. Introduction

In a global society currently, English is an international language spoken throughout the world and it plays important role in the people's ways of life. From the influence of information technology and communication, English becomes so important because it is the means of communication, knowledge seeking from various sources including career (Wonglekha, 2010). Now there are 53 nations using English as an official language (Martin, 2002). Moreover, Graddol, a British linguist, did his research entitled, "English Next" for British Council and mentioned that the trend for English learners will increase continually and expect that in the 10-15 years ahead (in the years of 2015-2030) there will be 2 billion learners worldwide; that means the population of the earth realizes the importance of English in the globalization because it is the key in searching for knowledge and communication.

English is not only important globally but also regionally like ASEAN regions, it becomes more important stating in the ASEAN Charter article 34 (Senate, 2012) stating that "The working language of ASEAN shall be English" that means English is used as the means for communication among ASEAN nations in terms of government sectors as well as other organizations related both in government and private sectors; therefore, English is the first priority for the people of ASEAN to create such relationship without borders in terms of geography and culture, and the world of competiveness. English becomes a second language as important as the first language of each nation.

The Ministry of Education in Thailand has focused the development of learners' capacities in higher secondary school students from grade 10-12 especially in foreign languages particularly English enabling learners to communicate (Office of Basic Education, 2010) including the policy designation of the year of speaking English 2012 as English Speaking Year 2012 (Khruajanyod, 2011). From the needs of using English for communication, the development of English curriculum is a must by promoting the instruction emphasizing on more communicative purposes and the language skill which is mandatory is speaking skill due to the fact that it is foundation for the people to communicate directly and faster than any other skills.

However, language proficiency of Thai learners is still not efficient as shown in the report of English Proficiency Index (EPI) from Educational First (EF, 2012) who ranked the English Proficiency from 54 countries throughout the world and found that Thai was ranked in the 53rd. When comparing the population among ASEAN who can use English in communication, it was found that Singaporeans was 71%; Filipino was 55.49%; Brunei was 37.73%; Malaysians was 27.24% whereas Thai was 10%. From the statistics previously mentioned, it was consistent with the English instruction of Thailand in that the unsatisfactory result due to the poor achievement of the Thai learners. In addition, from the national test called O-Net on English test of the 12 graders in the academic year of 2011 (The Educational Test from the National Institute, 2012) found that the national mean was 21.80 % by classifying into language for communication strand was 26.79, the mean score for language and culture strand was 16.39%. At the same time, O-Net of 12thgraders of Thungsaliamchanupatham in the academic year of 2011 found that the school mean score was only 17.33% by classifying into their language for communication strand was only 21.72%, the mean score for language and culture strand was 12.57% which are quite lower than the standard. From the reasons aforementioned, the school should have urgent development for the language communication strand as well as language and culture strands.

From the previous problem, the researcher believes that the teachers of English should readjust themselves in teaching in terms of teaching approaches, techniques to create the learning atmosphere for learners to be interested and eager practicing speaking and enabling them to use it without any concern which will change their attitude for their study. …

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