Academic journal article English Journal

Metrical Considerations

Academic journal article English Journal

Metrical Considerations

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Heaney exemplifies the Old English,

Finds his métier in the mother tongue

In the once upon a time of rhymes

He had to, he said, perform this feat

To save himself from America's

To save all others from the fen,

By those false prophets of poetics

Violating the voice right

The word-warrior need not worry

Expertise to extract the beauty

What we lack in schema formality

To capture your Anglo-Saxon,

And make them ours.

New Englander's shock

A thing or two

excises new words from the worn ones,

of measured phrases from before

wyrd words, familial ties wound fast.

to preserve Beowulf's patrimony,

syllables of stuff and nonsense,

the caricature of chaos offered up

(across the pond), pandering lines

and metrical considerations. …

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