Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

Language Disorders as a Socially Built Phenomena in Pakistan

Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

Language Disorders as a Socially Built Phenomena in Pakistan

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1. Introduction

Language disorders may be defined as the 'issues' in speaking ability. Language disorders can be divided into two categories i-e expressive and receptive language disorder. Children who are suffering from language disorders can produce sounds but there are some issues with the ability when they use them in fluent conversations. Language development is a natural phenomenon in child.

Out of 20 children, one is suffering from language disorders. When the reason behind that disorder is not located, it is normally known as developmental-language disorder. There are many medical issues causing Language disorders like brain injury, learning disabilities, hearing loss and autistic spectrum disorders.

Researchers in this study are trying to find only those reasons which are socially involved and contributing in language disorders. Language disorders can also be caused by lack of intelligence. Some children start speaking Lil bit in elder age as compared to the others but this issue cannot be included in language disorders because language develops in natural symmetrical order. If someone is suffering from Language disorder, development of language would not be according to the natural process. There must be some difference from usual development of language.

Language can be developed by involving four factor i-e remembering, seeing, hearing and understanding. Some children having all the natural abilities required to learn language still don't learn language as a normal phenomenon.

Children who are suffering from language disorders may be suffering from one of the following causes like Autism, drug abuse, hearing loss, mental retardation, syndrome, cleft palate and Neurological disorders.

Communication disorder affects communication with reference to the production and understanding of speech which is highly affective. Researchers will find out how society increases the ratio of language disorders and the basic reasons for the multi lingual children to use more hedges, stuttering and other such socially built issues. How these socially built language disorders affect the language of normal children. What is the role of his social circle in development of language in general?

Language disorders because of lack of intelligence in whole world, is one of the major causes of socially supported Language disorders in Pakistan. Society, fellows humiliate children in such a way that unconsciously they add more hedges or stutter when they use language in their circle.

1.1 Hypothesis

Society plays an important role in bringing up Language disorders even in those children who are medically fit and fine.

1.2 Research questions

The research aims at answering the following questions

* What are basic issues of the society which lead it towards socially built language disorders?

* How does Pakistani society overcome socially built language disorders?

* How does social circle of the children enhance their language disorders?

* What is the behavior of the family, school fellows and teachers with the children who are suffering from Language disorders?

* What are the basic techniques to overcome this issue in Pakistan?

1.3 Research objectives

The research aims at following objectives

* To find out various techniques which may help Pakistanis to avoid socially built Language disorders.

* To make society conscious about their negative behavior in the development of such children.

* To investigate the hidden ideologies behind the attitude of the society.

* To find out all the hidden patterns which develop negative attitude of the society about language disorders in children.

* To develop the critical approach of the Pakistani society in general by giving them awareness about all the devices and techniques that can be used and effect the psychological development of the children.

1.4 Delimitation of the study

The researchers set following delimitations of the study

* Researchers selected five cases only for deep analysis. …

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