Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Problems for the Women in Their Career Choices

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Problems for the Women in Their Career Choices

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Allah the almighty created Adam's and empowered him with the knowledge and wisdom and also advised the Adams of the limitations and sent him to heaven where he could enjoy all the heavenly privileges. Since the Adams was and is a challenge of Satan, the Allah focused on Adam and never let him be alone or let him feel loneliness. Allah created eve to complete Adam' personality and assist Adams in all ventures. How Adams was expelled from heaven that is another debate which is self explanatory in the Quran (Sura Baqarah).

John Milton in his blank-verse epic poem "Paradise Lost" very categorically supported the Quran's verse as how Adams was expelled, but it is a universal truth that a woman plays vital role in decision making. The personality of Nohh's wife, the dedication and scarification of Hajjrah and if we look down upon the Harzat Khadija she was business women. This all history concludes that the positive role of women is present in every field, it may be as a mother, wife.

Women play a great role in the human progress and have an important place in society. They are not inferior to men. They are competent of sharing the responsibilities of life shoulder to shoulder with men and women have been rightly compared to the wheels of a carnage. The main responsibility of a woman is to preserve the human race. For this, she has to bear many hardships. She gives birth to children, feeds them and helps them grow up. It is quite true that great men have great mothers. The progress of a nation depends upon the way the mothers bring up their children. If women are educated, the society is bound to progress and prosper."And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women" (noble Quran)

Women have always played an important responsibility in the development of a nation. In the early days of Islam, women worked side by side with men. Women should be given proper education and training. They should know what life is and what it demands from them. Educated women can do much to root out public evils and reform the society. A great majority of antisocial persons comes from families who are illiterate and poor, and cannot bring up their children properly. Educated women can do a great service to the nation by good management of their homes. It is not easy tasks for a man to envisage what the role of women will be five or ten years from now. Only women themselves can fully address the issue. But since I have always been a supporter of women's rights, there are some remarks that may not be conceited for me to make. Unfortunately, in our society women are facing different problems like sometime discrimination, harassment and other problems in their career choice which very difficult in our society specially.

Review of literature

Margaret Mead in her book "Male and Female" stated, "In every known society, the male need for achievement can be recognized. Men can cook or hunt hummingbirds, but if such activities are appropriate occupation of men, then the whole society men and women alike votes them as important. When the same occupation is performed by women, they are regarded as less important" (Mead, 1949).In another book author has studied about the gender personality and its importance in every field of life."According to psychoanalytic theory, personality is a result of a boy's or girl's social relational experience from the earliest infancy" (Rosaldo & Lamphere, 1974). "Career is something that we are associated with throughout our adult lives. Career means a profession or occupation with, or promotion, but the career is not simply a job or an occupation for earning a livelihood" (Bhuyan, 2002). As a career choice is an essential and in which three things are compulsory."At every stage of life, therefore, it is important to have an aim, a goal and a mission and to also understand what these terms mean" (Bhuyan, 2002).

"When women focused on the costs of domesticity, they often viewed marriage itself as a trap that foreclosed other, more desirable possibilities. …

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