Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Analysis of Victory Index at Telecommunications Companies in Vietnam

Academic journal article Asian Social Science

Analysis of Victory Index at Telecommunications Companies in Vietnam

Article excerpt

1. Definition

Victory Index researched by Hurwitz and Associates (2011) is one of market research assessment instruments which are used to analyze providers on the basis of four dimensions, including Vision, Viability, Validity and Value (Hurwitz, & Associates, 2011). The researched subject is considered as an overview about values and benefits of significant technologies. It is used to evaluate not only the engineering capability of technologies but also potentials to offer intangible values for businesses. The paper analyzes Victory Index of telecommunications companies based on data of Vietnam's ones to corroborate the conclusion of enormous potentials in the field of telecommunications.

2. Methodologies

For reflection on a thorough comprehension of the market and providers, the paper exploits appropriate and proper methodologies of Hurwitz and Associates together with measurements and methodologies used in the author's Doctoral thesis of "Criteria system of business culture identification - Applying for Vietnam businesses" at National Economics University, Vietnam (Hai, 2014). It is detailed clearly through the use of approximately fifty attributes of four dimensions that are calculated by a weighting algorithm. The dimensions and metrics are demonstrated and specified in Table 1.

* Vision is considered as the company's strength of strategies. Evaluated attributes include whether the vision is practical and achievable in terms of time and capacity. Because building an excellent vision is not enough, companies have to draw up a well-elaborated direction that may corroborate the vision at all levels of the company. Besides, attributes consist of more well-planned aspects rather than strategies, namely including an extendable technological background, well-conveyed and influential messages and capability of positioning in the market. Other important elements are transparency, accuracy and identification of what kinds of business issues and for which customers the company must deal with. The foresight, practical experience and management skills are key elements so that leadership team can control their business operation in both adaptation to outside environment and maintain the harmony within their organization (Hai, 2014).

* Viability is considered as the company's strength as well as vitality in the market. Typically, there is no direct relationship between the company's market power and its own revenue or duration of business operation, which is particularly true in an emerging market. Sometimes, a young company can develop to be a giant one within some years if they undertake effective solutions to a complex customer issue. A complicated aggregation of financial attributes and specific ones in each company is evaluated that in case of combination, those attributes can support to identify the company's viability. This dimension also includes financial coefficient, customer attraction ratios, intellectual capital, strength of leadership team and cooperative relationships. We should also pay attention to the company's vitality in one certain market, hereby referred to telecommunications market.

* Validity is considered as strength of company's products provided to each customer. There is a difference between the product positioning and its competence in satisfying customers' requirements. Thus, Victory Index indicates the company's completion of tasks and promises. The delivered functionalities and functions are examined through the Victory Index. The Index considers the profession of functionalities and the effectiveness of a product on the basis of changes in customers' requirements. Other essential attributes include usability, innovation, capability of integrating products with other technologies and its incorporation of significant practical and theoretical standards.

* Value is regarded as advantages of products and services to customers. Even if there is an existence of a well-designed product, such product must enable to support companies to obtain their business goals. …

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