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Academic journal article Chicago Review


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Between 1799 and 1804 splendid in forms cast the color all through Alexander von Humboldt largely in birds sometimes a vivd blue got lost in the sky walked over 6,000 miles through Central and South America or the green of the parrot invisible amid forest or the red bird confused with the sun going down he walked again among his pockets bulging with flowers and with flowering herbs which made John Muir leave Indianapolis on the first of September, 1867 his own among leaves folded into maps in the folded shadows he clipped another mile of forest spilled across a lawn where another mile of lawn times a thousand of the gulf of it: it reached up and in reaching up to him all of Humboldt's words turned Biblical: "have I never heard" and "the Lord now lush with birds."


who saw his real work all night long in the walking on in the keeping in in the labyrinth in which a shadowed form before him ran the lines we keep in line, hounded after, hatched altered, he saw walking as a moral obligation annealed across evening, he preferred walking in the dark he on the scope and on the scan almost iridescent from the corner of the eye night's field thins through time night's slice said Dickens is coal grey and draped a glare through which one moves informed by and in thewalkingbodyis the entire body entirely touched


In 1974, Werner Herzog walked from Munich to Paris through endless snow to cure his friend who died. …

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