Academic journal article South Asian Studies

New Trends in Sino-Pak Defence and Strategic Relations since 9/11: Indian Concern

Academic journal article South Asian Studies

New Trends in Sino-Pak Defence and Strategic Relations since 9/11: Indian Concern

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Pakistan relations with China remain a cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign Policy. Their common views, perceptions, approaches, and policies at the regional and global level made them a durable friends, allies and partners. Their hostility towards India, their support each other in wars against India, and the conclusion of different agreements further strengthened their bilateral mutual relations between these two countries. And above all, China's moral, diplomatic, political, financial, and military support since 1971 proved a great source of consolation and encouragement to Pakistan in the difficult hours. In the changing global scenario since 9/11, witnessed drastic improvement in Sino-Pak military and strategic relations. Exchange of visits by high leaderships and other dignitaries, their growing coordination in Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf and Gwadar, the signing of naval and military agreements, their missiles and nuclear cooperation, provided both the countries with opportunity to counterweight India's growing hegemony and supremacy. On her part, India is trying its best to frustrate the growing Sino- Pak Defence nexus by using a variety of tactics in order to protect and safeguard her interest in the region.

Key Words: Defence, Strategy, Technology, Missile, Weapons, Military, Regional, Global, Partnership, Cooperation, Alliance, Agreement, MoUs, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, USA, Sino, Pak, India.


Pakistan and China have long-standing strategic ties, dating back five decades. Friendship and cordiality in Pak-China relations serves as a useful way to contain Indian influence in the region and divert its attention from Pakistan. Friendship with China provides Pakistan with an opportunity to safeguard its security, and territorial integrity visa-vis India. It is pertinent to mentioned that Pakistan is, perhaps, the only non-communist country to be acknowledged by China as a trustworthy friend and ally. The most distinguished feature of the relationship is continuity and durability. It is, therefore, not without reason that it has been called all-weather friendship. As the core objective of Pakistan's foreign policy, to check and suppress India's hegemonic and predominant position in South Asia, Central Asia, and beyond. China and Pakistan have shared a friendship which has proved of great value in promoting of their long- standing geo-strategic objectives. From China's perspective, Pakistan is the only country which serves its vital geo-political and geo-strategic objectives in the region. From Pakistan's perspective, China is the only country which provides it moral, military, financial and diplomatic support in the time of need. At present, this relationship has matured into strong, stable, and mutually beneficial strategic partnership encompassing the vast areas of cooperation. In the changing scenario, both the countries understand a strong need for missile and nuclear cooperation to face the emerging regional and global challenges, particularly, especially, the conclusion of Indo-US Civilian Nuclear Deal. The Deep sea port of Gawadar, with its strategic locations has been constructed with Chinese assistance and investment. .

This paper discusses the defence and security dimensions of the Sino-Pak relationship which has strongly based on their shared strategic interests and goals. It analyses some of the important political and geo-strategic issues affecting this relationship. The paper also looks at the regional and international dimensions, in particular the relevance of India to Sino-Pak relations. The paper examines the trajectory of Indo-US strategic ties and the downward spiralling of US-Pak relations which triggers its own logic on Sino-Pak security dynamics. The paper is an attempt to study how far the Indian factor played a role in bringing China and Pakistan closer, and whether it led to a strengthening of ties between the two; and what the future impact might be. …

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