Academic journal article International Journal

Index 1996-1997

Academic journal article International Journal

Index 1996-1997

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AXWORTHY, LLOYD. Canada and human security: the need for leadership 183

BA, ALICE. The ASEAN Regional Forum: maintaining the regional idea in Southeast Asia 635

BAUER, WILLIAM. Refugees, victims, or killers: the new slave trade? 677

CLARK, JOE. 'The first international country' 539

CLEMENS, JR., WALTER C. An alternative to NATO expansion 342

COOPER, JAMES. Child labour: legal regimes, market pressures, and the search for meaningful solutions 411

CROSBY, ANN DENHOLM. The print media's shaping of the security discourse: cruise missile testing, SDI, and NORAD 89

DAVID, CHARLES-PHILIPPE, & STEPHANE ROUSSEL. Une espece en voie de disparation? La politique de puissance moyenne du Canada apres la guerre froide 39

DELVOIE, L.A. Canada and Egypt: from antagonism to partnership 657

DONAGHY, GREG. Domesticating NATO: Canada and the North Atlantic Alliance,1963-68 445

EKEDAHL, CAROLYN MCGIFFERT & MELVIN A. GOODMAN. Eduard Shevardnadze: leading the Soviet Union out of the Cold War 219

ENGLISH, JOHN. 'Imitating the cries of little children': exploitative child labour and the growth of children's rights 431

FERGUSSON, JAMES, & BARBARA LEVESQUE. The best laid plans: Canada's proposal for a United Nations rapid reaction capability 118


GRANATSTEIN, J.L. A diary of the defence review, 1997 524

HAGLUND, DAVID G. The NATO of its dreams: Canada and the North Atlantic Alliance 464

HART, MICHAEL. Twenty years of Canadian tradecraft: Canada at GATT, 1947-1967 581

HUEBERT, ROB. Canada and the Law of the Sea Convention 69

JUPP, JAMES. Creating multicultural societies: Australia, Britain, Sweden, and Canada 508

LANGLOIS, ROBERT. Becoming a Contra: the dilemma of peasants during the revolution in Nicaragua 695

LATHAM, ANDREW. Taking the lead? Light weapons and international security 316


LLOYD, TREVOR. Union and division in Europe 546

MACLEOD, ALEX. French policy toward the war in the former Yugoslavia: a bid for international leadership 243

MURRAY, DON. Family wars 556

POTTER, EVAN H. Niche diplomacy and Canadian foreign policy 25

RAPKIN, DAVID P., & JONATHAN R. STRAND. The United States and Japan in the Bretton Woods institutions: sharing or contesting leadership? 265

RIVLIN, BENJAMIN. Leadership in the UN, 1997: the secretary-general and the U.S. - a symbiotic relationship under stress 197

ROSATI, JEREL A. United States leadership into the next millennium: a question of politics 297

ROSS, DOUGLAS ALAN. Canada and the world at risk: depression, war and isolation 1


SHARP, PAUL. Who needs diplomats? The problem of diplomatic representation 609

SNYDER, CRAIG. The implications of hydrocarbon development in the South China Sea 142

STOETT, PETER. To trade or not to trade? The African elephant and CITES 567

STOFFMAN, DANIEL. Making room for real refugees 575


WALKER, MARTIN. A new American isolationism? 391

WELCH, DAVID A. Remember the Falklands? Missed lessons of a misunderstood war 483


BRYAN, INGRID. Trade and finance: markets, governments, and international institutions 714

COX, ROBERT. The retreat of the state? 366


BILL, JAMES A. George Ball: behind the scenes in U.S. foreign policy by Robert Bothwell 537

BLACK, ELDON. Direct intervention: Canada-France relations, 1967-1974 by Graham Fraser 729


BONANTE, LUIGI (trans. John Irving). Ethics and international politics by Mark Neufeld 169

BOURANTONIS, DIMITRIS, & JARROD WIENER. The United Nations in the new world order: the world organization at fifty by Shreesh Juyal 164

BRITTON, JOHN N.H., ed. Canada and the global economy: the geography of structural and technological change by A. …

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