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For the Group under the Table

Academic journal article English Journal

For the Group under the Table

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That day, I'd scattered the class into groups

to discuss the pages they'd been assigned to read

the night before in Achebe's Things Fall Apart.

I circled the room to eavesdrop, kibitz, encourage;

stopped at one table to answer a question, another

to pose one,

sat at a third to exult in the insight of a normally

quiet boy.

When I stood, though, something seemed missing.

I soon saw: the group in the back corner had


Amanda and Christine, Shannah and Carolyn.

My head on a swivel, I started a search mission,

but the mystery proved easy to solve.

Those four had decided to meet under their table.

Circled together on the old rug of the classroom,

backs curved, cross-legged, knees touching,

huddled up with their books in their hands,

they were earnestly sharing whatever they'd found

in that spare and disquieting book.

I knelt down to join them, awkward in size and


and thought, I can't get down under there.

They're flexible; I'm not. Plus it's not my place.

So I threw my voice from above: "How's it going

down there?"

"Great," one quickly answered. Another needed to


"It's less noisy down here, Mr. G. We can


Stiffly, I rose, and left the group under the table

discussing the story, its hero's hard heart, the


of all hearts, themselves-hunkered down where a

teacher can't go. …

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