Academic journal article Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction

Alternative to the Standard Job Search Process

Academic journal article Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction

Alternative to the Standard Job Search Process

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Technology has enhanced visibility in the job market with individuals moving toward the social media sensation. The Y Generation (Main, 2013), also known as the millennial generation, includes individuals who were born in the mid-1980s. This group's acceptance of technology has driven employers toward the digital media market with video résumés transforming a traditional résumé to a digital format.

There are a number of methods in which technology can be applied that will allow a candidate to enhance his or her visibility and desirability in a competitive job market. In response to this emerging trend, employers have developed acceptance of video résumés. According to Miriam Scalpeter (2012), expert social media consultant, video résumés offer a low cost method to engage potential job candidates. Scalpeter states, "54 percent of organizations adopting video résumés have a continuous or long term talent acquisition strategy in place" (Scalpeter, 2012, p. 1).

Prospective job applicants should carefully consider technological and creative abilities when using video résumés to make a "first impression" with a potential employer. First impressions may include dress, outstanding accomplishments, educational background, service activities, and excellent communication skills. The "first impression" is always a primary selling point to a potential employer. When using video résumés, it is important that the job candidate develop and create a high quality, professional video résumé to avoid a poor "first impression." Despite all of the technological progress, employers must carefully evaluate potential legal concerns to avoid discrimination. When considering using video résumés as a tool in the classroom, an instructor must focus on setting clear standards and evaluation criteria as well as talking about the potential risks associated with using video résumés. With the emergence of social media, the Y Generation has sought to integrate video résumés with a web presence. The prevalent use of social media and the current business climate favors the creation of video résumés. This paper describes what a video résumé is and how it can be used. The instructional methodology presented will include the development and creation of video résumés, advantages and disadvantages of the video résumé, and an assessment based on the evaluation of what a video résumé is and how a student can create the video professionally.

Social Media and the Business Climate

Social media offers a platform for the creation and interchange of user generated content as an alternative to the job search process. Kaplan and Haelein (2010) refer to social media sources for job hunting including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Alexis Grant (2013), an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, says social media content (e.g., or LinkedIn) increases exposure to jobs and opportunities for information about employment. Grant also suggests giving potential employers access to Facebook and Twitter accounts to allow the person to learn more about a candidate and to show that they are savvy to the use of social media. She cautions though to keep this Facebook interaction on a limited basis through the sites' privacy settings to avoid revealing private information about the individual that he/she may not want the employer to know. Grant indicates that a fully completed LinkedIn profile could be available to potential employers should they decide to do an internet search on an applicant through a search engine, such as Google.

Additional efforts by Facebook to enhance job search activities reported by Pepitone (2012) are part of the Social Jobs Partnership and mark a change for Facebook and personal networking. The social media demand further enhances social media's career building tools integrated with Facebook applications. Alison Doyle (n.d.) is a career and employment expert who specializes in developing career resource applications. …

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