Academic journal article Military Review

Information-Age Warfare: A Working Bibliography, Part II

Academic journal article Military Review

Information-Age Warfare: A Working Bibliography, Part II

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CYBERWAR, INFOWAR information-based warfare, cyberterrorism, netwar, cyberpunks, information (or digital) warriors, information dominance, cyberspace defense, information chaos-these are just a few recent coinages reflecting the language dealing with the very broad topic of information-age warfare (I-AW). Publications on this subject are growing exponentially, and because of this and the growing importance of the topic, a pressing need exists to identify and classify the vast amount of literature that has been published on the topic in just the past three or four years. This bibliography strives to capture as much of the published, open-- source literature as possible and contains citations to publications that have appeared generally since the beginning of 1992, to include citations to books, journals, newspapers and documents.1 Due to the large volume of information warfare (IW) publications, this bibliography was published in two parts. The first part, published in the March-April 1998 issue, consisted of: I. Comparative Studies of Information-Based Conflict; II. Organizational Aspects of Information Conflict (nonstate actors and networks); III. Perception Management, Psychological Operations (PSYOP) and Deception Issues; and IV. Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).

The research sources of a multitude of databases, CD-ROMs and indexes were used, including those of the Naval Postgraduate Library, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, the Monterey Institute of International Studies, National Defense University (NDU) Library, Pentagon library and the Combined Arms Research Library at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.2 The bibliography is arranged alphabetically under each subject category by author, or title if no author is indicated. It is categorized into the following broad subject categories, with a brief explanation of each category's scope:

V. Cyberspace and Security Issues. Includes publications concerning issues of hackers, sabotage, disruption or destruction of computer-telecommunication systems and/or data.

VI. Electronic-Technical Dimensions (including command, control, communication, computers and intelligence [C^sup 4^I] issues). Includes articles dealing strictly with technical aspects of computer systems such as data storage and retrieval issues, digitization, information chaos issues and offensive-- defensive capabilities.

VII. Internet Sites. Includes only a few of the main sites from which to launch searches to other sites.

V. Cyberspace and Security Issues

Acherman, Robert K. "Digital Formats Complicate Information Security Tasks." Signal, February 1997, 21-23. Focuses on how US planners are now paying considerable attention to the defensive aspect of I-AW and the degrading or destroying of data

Adams, Charlotte. "Information Warfare Takes a Front Seat." Military & Aerospace Electronics, June 1996, 19-21. Addresses operational security application within the Defense Management System, evolution of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Information Survivability program and the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council's focus on information protection and assurance.

Aldrich, Richard W. "The International Legal Implications of Information Warfare."Airpower Journal, Fall 1996, 99-110. Reviews definition of IW and debates the appropriateness of applying the law of war to IW techniques.

Allard, Kenneth. "Data Transforms Warfare." Defense News, 4 March 1996, 24. Discusses how I-AW poses new challenges to corporate culture.

Anthes, Gary H. "DOD on Red Alert to Fend off Info Attacks." Computerworld, 6 January 1997, 1-2. Department of Defense (DOD) to establish a Red team of computer security experts to assess the security of computer and communications systems and determine the extent and nature of threats to the US information infrastructure.

. "Feds Limit Info Warfare Role." Computerworld, 18 September 1995, 24. …

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