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Tunnel Vision

Academic journal article Field

Tunnel Vision

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As in, the sky constricts. As in, a seagull's overhead

and then suddenly it's not, though it is.

All the senses short-sheeted. The distant car horn,

then six steps later the hollered rebuke. The soft brush

against your legs maybe fern, maybe fingers-

through-the-manhole-cover. Who could say.

Your mind is a dog with a rodent in its teeth,

a rodent named Car Wreck , a rodent named Tumor ,

a rodent named What Have You Done to Stop the Shootings?

You celebrate the streaks: Twenty-Two Days

of Actually Seeing Contrails. Three-Plus Weeks

of Grapefruit Awareness. Then the inevitable

closing in, the whiting out, the low hum

that covers the plash of a kayak oar into the bay.

What oar? What kayak? What bay? …

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