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It's the gift that keeps on giving:

nothing clears a room faster

than the words

my father, my uncle, my grandfather.

And what if it's all three?

Look at me.

Do you think I don't


Do you think I don't know

how you feel? In my house

they passed the kids around

like cigarettes, the way toughs in prison

turn each new arrival into a punk.

But you've got to have a sense of humor

about these things.

Look at me.

Do you think I don't wish

it was Jimmy Page, and me

a teen model

with big brown eyes like Lori Maddox?

There's a no-brainer.

Hey, it's okay to laugh.

It's okay when it's a rock star,

or the prime minister of Italy,

or a famous director,

whose movies I love,

mourning his wife

with one half of his brain

and dipping into the well of souls

with the other.

Strange what sustains you as a child:

in my case

it was Ed Bishop,

who played Commander Straker

on the T.V. series, UFO.

I thought he was beautiful,

Ed Bishop, a blond god like Alex

who wouldn't look at me in school. …

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