The Church and Its Social Involvement in the Philippines, 1930-1972

Article excerpt

The Church and Its Social Involvement in the Philippines, 1930-1972. By Wilfredo B. Fabros. (Manila: Ateneo de Manila University Press. 1988. Pp. xii, 202.)

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, the Reverend John N. Schumacher, SJ., prepared and presented an "elective" course, on the "History of the Catholic Church's Involvement in the Philippine Social Problem," at the Loyola School of Theology in the Ateneo de Manila University. Father Schumacher was committed to ensure that the up and coming clergy under his care were provided with an historical, social, and political perspective of the Church's involvement in the Philippine social problem and a scientific, historical, and analytical methodology to investigate such involvement. Some of the results of his efforts were a master's thesis on "Catholic Social Action Prior to World War II" (1986) by Victor Ibabao and a doctoral thesis on "The Church and Its Social Involvement in the Philippines between 1930 and 1972" by Father Wilfredo Fabros. If anything, the publication of Father Fabros' dissertation is a testament to Father Schumacher's success in educating the young Philippine clergy to take up historical research work in the Philippines, be this at the level of the local or national church.

Father Fabros' book covers the period from before World War II (the 1930's), after World War II (mid-1940's), after the Second Vatican Council (mid-1960's), up to 1972, when Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in the Philippines and began his fourteen-year, one-man rule over the Philippines. …


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