Academic journal article South Asian Journal of Management

Cases in Marketing Management

Academic journal article South Asian Journal of Management

Cases in Marketing Management

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Cases in Marketing Management By Kenneth E. Clow & Donald Baack Sage Publications India, New Delhi, 2012, Pages: 560, Price: 595 ISBN: 978-81-321-1019-4

The book "Cases in Marketing Management" provides a brief review of the materials presented in each chapter prior to the set of cases chosen for that topic or area. Some Professors prefer using a case-only approach, and they will be able to use this book as a stand-alone text. All the cases in this book have been selected from a high-quality Ivey case list. Case questions at the end of the chapter provide insights into the chapter and take the reader into matter-of-fact thinking.

The book is divided into 15 chapters, and the chapters are focused more on basics of marketing management with the best possible and deliverable cases. This book can be referred to the students to understanding the basics of marketing through precious cases. Cases have their importance in each chapter. Both the faculty and the students may have their freedom to draw the maximum possible content through these cases. Students can enjoy the participation in case discussions being the cases are more innovative, interactive, and contemporary.

The first chapter one enumerates customer orientation through which the reader can understand the importance of a customer, along with general management concepts of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. This chapter also introduces a case which carries strong customer oriented service, awareness about general warranties, how to produce better customer oriented service including marketing mix - product, price, promotion, and place.

Understanding a market is not an easy job without having proper 'Market Analysis'. A marketer will look for a fine-looking analysis about market environment, customer, competitors and industry trends and growth. Cases from this chapter can fulfill the need for learning about market analysis, market potential and market demand, also talks market segmentation strategy and selection of international market. It also gives the opportunity to discuss about customer analysis, Competitive/ Industry Analysis, Market Segment analysis, etc. Cases also give scope to have a discussion to understand about different marketing strategies for automobile industry. Eco capitalism and promotional strategies are also taken placein the cases.

Data warehouse functions are introduced through the chapter 'Data Warehousing', which includes types of customer data, data mining, and data driven marketing programs which also will help management graduates to learn basics of data management and clear understanding of data systems. The cases will bring in depth discussions on Information Technology which helps to maintain stakeholders' data, and helps to develop a business model including rebranding strategy.

'Building a customer-oriented Marketing Department' explains different management styles, leadership styles, and motivational theories through case studies. Cases also expel a right candidate for a right job. The readers can follow the discussions on candidates' recruitment, effective marketing communication models both traditional and contemporary.

'Customer Acquisition Strategies and Tactics' will give the innovative ideas for the development of existing markets and or new markets, and development of existing products and or new products and branding programs. Readers can get good examples for powerful brand developing strategies from the case. This chapter also has two more case studies that take you to the discussion to expand your business into other countries, how you can acquire your customers in foreign countries and opportunity for additional branding. Another case explains the Twin Brand Strategy, how two different brands from the same company will make the customers to feel as two separate brands from two separate companies, as a brand building strategy.

Among the marketing mix the most important tool is pricing. …

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