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The Effect of Job Commitment and Motivation towards Employees' Work at Office of Health Department in Langkat Regency

Academic journal article Researchers World

The Effect of Job Commitment and Motivation towards Employees' Work at Office of Health Department in Langkat Regency

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Every company has different strategies but there must be one strategy had by a company and it is to manage the human resources for long time. Human resources is a very important thing because it is the doer of the whole activities in a company so that the effectivity and efficiency of a company is on the human resources of the company itself. For the company, the management of the human resources is a obligative requirement because iot can fasten the target to achieve company gain so that it can increase the company and the employees' income. Human resources must always be improved through the improvement of formal and informal education in order to compete in work field to acheve an improvement of the company productivity. The company must always give supports to the employees to increase their motivation so that they can work heartfully to produce good work to the company. It is very important for the leaders to share their intentions to their employees by giving supports in order to create a comfortable situation in the workplace. The development of the company will get increased if it has the professional human resources who implement their all abilities to work in that company.

Nowadays, science and technology has a fast progress so that this will also affect the development of a company in the future. Kast and Rosenzweig (2002) stated that the development of science and technology is like space shuttle in which the information system will give an information trhoughout the world by using several communication tools. All these developments are the effects of the developments of human resources because all the activities in the organization are the contributions of the human resources. Human resources is the financial capital of building in which human resources is one of the production factors of building besides financial capital, money and material in togetherness to participate in buildings.

The most valuable finacial capital for a country is the science which is had by the employess in develop the economy as a replacer of the available natural resources that should be building excellence however it can cause damage to the environment that also causes sufferings to the human beings. (Peter F. Drucker in Zuhal, 2008). This condition can happen caused by the changes in the society for example: changes caused by the development of technology, changes caused by the increase of the society income, changes caused by the development of information technology and changes caused by the changes caused by the changes of environment and human life.

As a result, it can disturb the human life in which it can cause disadvatages to them because it has negative effects. But the changes can also give positive effects for the human life so that this can be an opportunity for the human to use all the changes towards their life. The company should be abvle to manage the available human resources to increase the knowledges through for mal and informal education. Manager who is the high level leader in the company is hoped to be able to manage the human resources through so approaches to become unity in managing the potential. The functions of management is implemented to develop the use s of the human resources with a good plan, management, instruction and coordination so that the target can be achieved.

The goal of a company is to achieve the higher production that can be applied by using several strategies. It is needed to know the human resources in a company should be managed by the manager by doing some different strategies for each. Manager must have a managing skill in order to use the human resources and it is very useful to live motivations, commitment, work evaluation, organizati on climate and so on. Because of many human resources in a company also shows that there are many human behaviors in that company so that this should be well managed by the manager the it can be a strength for the company itself. …

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