Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Squaring Up to Youth Unemployment through Entrepreneurial Based Learning: The Library as a Panacea

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Squaring Up to Youth Unemployment through Entrepreneurial Based Learning: The Library as a Panacea

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It has been observed that out of every Nigerian family of four youths, three roam the streets searching for white collar jobs. This situation has been noticed to be a problem that has resisted solutions. The youth is the backbone of every nation and they form the highest group of people in the country. A nation that has an ill informed youth is sick, in the sense that there will be high rate of crime in the Nation. Therefore there is need to engage the youth in reasonable jobs so as to improve the nation this is because the wealth of a nation depends on the quality of its youth.

The unemployment situation in Nigeria is a bad wind that blows no one any good. It has been linked to the socio-economic problems in Nigeria. An idle man is a devils workshop so says the adage. It is also said that nature abhors vacuum, this means that something either good or bad must fill the vacuum. This goes to explain the reasons for cases of kidnaps, rape, suicide bombings, the recent Boko Haram Insurgency that is ravaging the country. The crime is prevalent among the youth. The question now is to what extent has the Nigerian government tackled the unemployment situation via the youth restiveness in the country? Is it amnesty program me, poverty alleviation or poverty eradication scheme, firing squad, or even teaching a course on entrepreneurship in tertiary institution? All these are good but it has not solved the problem of unemployment in Nigeria. There is need to nip the problem of unemployment in the bud, it becomes imperative to start inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship from the root.

This root is inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in children and the youth from the scratch. Ajidofor (2013) noted that Nigeria values certificate more than knowledge in the subject field and that federal government has not properly addressed the philosophy of self in tertiary institutions which has the highest number of the youth. This poses a lot of problems to Nigeria as a nation. National government all over the world according to Nebo (...) is striving to achieve the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy, the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG) or halving the incidence of poverty by 2015. Today the Federal Republic of Nigeria have reformed education to be resource based and as well prepare youth to empowering themselves for self employment.

Despite all these, the problem of unemployment still persists. The library has a role to play in inculcating entrepreneurial spirit in the youth. Through library services and programs the youth will be amicably nurtured into business like minds and the vacuums will be positively filled. Books according to Medina (2000) are the bread of the intellect and ideas are easily gotten from books. The library as a repository of knowledge has a role to play in order to have lasting solutions to the problem of unemployment in Nigeria.

The paper therefore sought to find out the following:

1. Factors that contribute to youth unemployment in Nigeria

2. To find out the entrepreneurial skills required by youth for gainful selfemployment

3. Library programmes tailored towards inculcating entrepreneurial skills in the youth

Literature Review

The Nigerian Youth: An Overview

The National Youth Development Policy (2001) defines youth as people aged between 18 and 35 years. This age group can be found in secondary schools and other institutions of higher learning. They constitute about 40% of more then 140 million people of Nigeria. The Federal Bureau of statistics according to Ajufo (2013) stated that Nigeria has a youth population of 80 million representing 60 percent of the total population of Nigeria out of the 80 million.

Jing Guo (2013) also stated that the young people made up more than 40% of the worlds total unemployment population. In view of this statistics there is need to keep the hands of the youths on deck so that the Nation will thrive . …

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