Academic journal article The Journal of Educational Research

Need of School Social Work in Response to Education Related Problems in Pakistan

Academic journal article The Journal of Educational Research

Need of School Social Work in Response to Education Related Problems in Pakistan

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Development in the education sector is key to the solution of other problems, After 68 years of independence, Pakistan faces various multidimensional problems. Education related problems are continuing and of a severe nature among the present problems. Pakistan is among those few nations where the education system is continuously eroded (Suleman, Aslam, Hussain, Butt, & Ahmad, 2012). Previous governments made many efforts to bring schooling and education acceptable at international or at least national level and results remained unsatisfactory (Saeed et al, 2013). According to Hulshof (2014), 6.5 million children are out of schools in Pakistan and one of very two students in fifth grade does not meet educational requirements of grade two student. A fresh survey gives a horrible picture that 20.5 million children are not going to school in Pakistan, which is a serious message for government, parents and communities (The News, 2014).

Out of school children include both types one who never attended school and who dropped studies for any or without reasons. There could be various reasons behind not joining school and being dropped out of school. Poverty, unemployment and lack of schools are considered major hurdles for children to reach or attend school. We can find many examples, especially in rural areas where the government or volunteer run schools exist, but children do not attend due to unawareness on the part of parents about the importance of education. Besides that, children face many seen and unseen education related issues which are ignored attention by teachers, parents, school administration and policy makers. These problems seem minor, but disturb children's education process and leave long lasting effects on their lives. Some children face adjustment problems in the school environment and with follow and others feel difficulty in teaching methodology and curriculum. Teachers do not have time to treat every child with different background on an individual basis. These unaddressed problems lead towards truancy, depression, indiscipline, negative behaviour, failure or dropout. There is need to stop these tiny look issues or at least to reduce them through some serious interventions. Many researchers and academicians have conducted countless studies on education related problems in Pakistan and have suggested different measures for government policy makers, parents, teachers, students and communities. Different policies are designed or revised to combat education related problems, but problems and effects exist.

The Research Problem and Procedure

This study describes school education related problems and importance of school social work practice to deal with such problems. This study is of qualitative nature and relies heavily on analysis of secondary data including published research papers, reports and documents related to the issue. This study also gives some recommendations after review and analysis of literature on children's adjustment and education related problems, their causes and school social work and its need in Pakistan.

Education Related Problems in Schools

There are many researches and discussion on various education problems, but school education problems are becoming worse day by day. Students face school education problems in almost all states and Pakistan is one prominent among those. Children have no access to quality education, health services and other basic needs and have to live in impoverished environments (Quinn-Lee, 2014). Millions of children are out of schools in Pakistan (Hulshof, 2014). Besides utmost efforts of the provincial governments, it does not seem that Pakistan will be able to achieve the 100% enrolment target of Education For All (EFA) 2015 as already pointed out by G. A. Khan, Azhar, and Shah (2011). No doubt, the government should work for enrolment of out of school children, but there is also need to determine the reasons of dropout and to reduce or stop dropout rate. …

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