Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review


Academic journal article Anglican Theological Review


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How to wash Creation clean? Once

God sucked up the great waters from

the deeps. Only the righteous floated,

arriving safely on dry ground. Their reward:

a rainbow made of water and light.

Sprinkling simulates drowning, a little death.

I remember my own baptism in a cold

lake. My feet cringe now, remembering

the keen pebbles as I came out pristine,

resurrected to a crowd singing hymns.

And then, today, when a tiny splash of

prayed-over water scattered from the priest's

fingers onto a girl baby's forehead, the drops

glistened like wet silver, hinting at

a reservoir of grace larger than any font.

Pray that this minor immersion will

make for her a virtue of cleanness-

any sips drunk or bathed in becoming

everyday reminders of the promise of the Spirit,

an inner fountain springing always fresh. …

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