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Historical Background and Prospects for Development of Naval State University, Biliran, Philippines

Academic journal article Researchers World

Historical Background and Prospects for Development of Naval State University, Biliran, Philippines

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The main goal of a particular school is to hone to the maximum the characteristics of an individual for him to live effectively in an increasing and complex society. The underlying assumption is that, talent can be developed by educational means, and that the major resources of the school should be devoted in increasing the effectiveness of every individual. The school therefore has much to do with human resource development.

Section 2 of Republic Act No. 7722 (1994), "An Act Creating the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines," requires the State "to protect, foster and promote the right of all citizens to affordable quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to ensure that education shall be accessible to all."

It also mandates state-supported institutions of higher learning to gear their programs to national, regional or local development plans, and to exemplify the dignity and beauty of, as well as their pride in the intellectual and scholarly life.

Meanwhile, Philippines is continuously experiencing unemployment problem. With the passing years, unemployment rate keeps on increasing. To mitigate the said problem, the country is investing time, money and effort just to uplift its economy. This can be seen in one of the priorities and prospects for development of the Philippines. More jobs are generated in order to prevent increased unemployment.

In the Province of Biliran, Philippines, the said problem is not new. Naval State University (NSU), located in the heart of the capital town (Naval) of the province, is an institution of higher learning mandated to produce a certain number of quality graduates so that a balance in the labour market can be achieved. This can be done by a careful and thorough planning for future development of a particular institution. It is along this vein that the historical background of NSU in Biliran, Philippines has to be traced and prospects for educational development are to be considered.


This study aimed to trace the historical background of NSU in Naval, Biliran, Philippines and relate the findings thereof to the prospects for development of the school.

Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What are the enrolment and graduation trends of NSU in the different curricular offerings?

2. What is the status of NSU as perceived by the faculty and employees in terms of:

2.1 School Plant ;

2.2 Instructional Facilities; and

3. What are the prospects for institutional development of NSU in the next ten years?


This study took hold of the following theoretical and conceptual frameworks as its solid foundation in the due course of its proceedings.


This study is anchored on the development theory (Rose et al.1993) which states that networking between and among the various sectors of society is one viable mechanism for development worthy of emulation by othe r equally concerned institutions.

To further strengthen development, linkages with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Private Organizations (POs) are set to achieve a common goal - development for all. Universities, colleges and schools should employ qualified and competent development workers, provide adequate school plant, instructional facilities and technical assistance in development endeavors and fund sourcing.

The deterioration of quality education in a particular system can be attributed to the grossly inadequate funding resources in both public and private schools. This connotes that multiple problems like inadequacy of textbooks, teaching materials, teaching aids and devices, poor school plant and classroom environment can cause such deterioration. Such environment is evident on the acute disrepair and maintenance of school buildings, equipment and facilities.


This study generally aimed to trace the historical background of NSU in Naval, Biliran, Philippines. …

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