Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Workplace Spirituality: A Strategic Tool in Organizational Development

Academic journal article International Journal of Education and Management Studies

Workplace Spirituality: A Strategic Tool in Organizational Development

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Organizational development is a practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of the people to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance. Number of factors both internal and external, often attribute to such development and change. Workplace spirituality emerged as a crucial factor for organizational development and effectiveness in past few years. Although, the subject of workplace spirituality is relatively new to organizational studies, interest in it has grown significantly over the past two decades and researchers, academicians, professional and psychologists has started to focus on it as an interesting phenomenon of study. Spirituality at workplace plays an important role for any organization's success in present scenario.

Number of seminal studies have identified that workplace spirituality is an imperative factor for growth and development of any organisation. It is positively correlated to several attitudinal reactions of employees like turnover intention, job satisfaction, job performance etc (Robert et ah, 2006). On the other hand organizations get benefit from it in terms of high productivity, low absenteeism, low attrition rate etc. The current study explored the role of spirituality at workplace in terms of reactive and proactive measures to counter some organizational and personal development and growth issues. Usually, if sickness is diagnosed in a human body, specific pills are suggested to overcome the illness. However, at times precautionary measures are taken beforehand to avoid or get rid of any future short-comings like vaccination. Keeping such an approach, the current endeavour is discussed and evaluated to identify role of workplace spirituality as a precautionary and curative method.

In present study we categorized organizational conditions in two categories; pull and push factors which are the motivation and force behind incorporating spirituality at workplace. Additionally, the current study categorized organisational conditions in two categories -pull and push factors, attributed as motivation and force behind incorporating workplace spirituality. Most of the articles reviewed in this appraisal were funnelled for three primary questions Why organizations and employees are very keen to practice spirituality at workplace? What are the motivations for them? What are benefits they get from it? Present study throws light on these issues.


The word spirituality comes from the word spirit or soul. The soul is completely independent from our physical body and exits before, during and after the physical body expires.Spirituality and materialismare oxymoronical. In the Bhagavad-Gita 2.20, Sliri Krishna says to Arjuna that the soul is never bom nor dies; nor does it become only after being bom. For it is unborn, eternal, everlasting and ancient; even though the body is slain, the soul is not. So, you have and always be spirit. It can be understood as far superior to our intellects and moral facets of our lives. Spirituality is something that should rule our character letting us beyond the barriers of caste and creed and to realize our bond with the truth. A spiritual person has a spiritual vision and wisdomwhich guides his actions and takes him closer to true self.As long as we are human we are materialistic in some way or the other. The quest for wealth, fame, longing for sense-gratification is driving us to the dark end and we do not know exactly where we have to go.

Spirituality plays an important role in transforming our lives and bringing us from darkness to goal oriented behaviour. It is beyond the physical world but it includes the growth of an individual's self through practices such as yoga, prayer and meditation. It helps us search the 'divine' with oneself and speaks to us about life after death. Our lives have fragmented into pieces because of complexities and the stresses of life. Spirituality helps us integrate as a whole and gives meaning and purpose to our lives. …

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