Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Differentiation Techniques, and Competitive Advantage for an African Restaurant Operating in an International Setting (Cyprus)

Academic journal article International Review of Management and Business Research

Differentiation Techniques, and Competitive Advantage for an African Restaurant Operating in an International Setting (Cyprus)

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The northern side of the Island of Cyprus has 294 906+ people (as of 2011) with a belated count of 73 000+ individuals living in the Nicosia/ Lefkosa alone, Magusa housing 46 000+ individuals, Girne housing 57 000+, and Lefke 8000+. It has 5 major universities; 2 located in located in Nicosia: Cyprus International University, and Near Eastern University, 2 in Girne including Girne American University, 1 in Lefke: The European University of Lefke, and 1 one in Magusa: Eastern Mediterranean University. All of which have African students as a major part of their student body. In Cyprus International University alone many African students from countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland, Ghana, Cameroun, Congo and several more can be found, with the Nigerian population of African students being one of the largest. Many of these African students find themselves far away from home, and at the same time very far away from the many African resources such as hair products, cosmetic products, and majorly food products which are tailored to the tastes of the African students, and which they are very much used to.

About the African Restaurant Analysed

It is located in the heart of Nicosia/Lefkosa city 99040, North Cyprus, begun in 2013. It is one of its kind, in that it is one of the very few registered African oriented restaurants offering originally African dishes on the island, and by so doing filling a very important niche on the island, as well as a major need in the market place that all other restaurants combined have not been able to fully fill. Its purpose and mission: is currently to serve the best food from the wonderful land of Africa in North Cyprus capital city Nicosia, bringing African culture to the heart, while offering some of the most popular dishes from Africa and its own created specials. It's Vision: is to be able to offer assorted composition and combinations of all African dishes, while expanding its customer base, and effectively sharing the culture of Africa with others.

Methodology of Research and Business Analysis for the African restaurant

The information used and issues outlines have been gotten from Mrs. G?lsah Anaekwe the main manager and head Chef at the African restaurant. An interview has been carried out with her in order to identify the problems, issues, or challenges experienced at the African restaurant. After this, information was collected in the format of questionnaires in order to apply more quantitative and objective appr oach to the problem solving steps to be taken. At the same time, some qualitative responses were collected from several African and non- African students to see their opinions on, suggestions for, and probe into their different experiences at the African restaurant.

Raw Material gathered from the Interview with The operations manager

Q. Please briefly respond; what problems or challenges are faced by Mama Africa regarding the following:

1. Regarding the menu (e.g. deciding on what dishes to put on it)

Response: We try as much as possible to spread out the meals to different African areas, however a big portion of the menu focuses on popular African dishes. Some necessary ingredients and spices are hard to come by, thus making supply a bit of an issue, and the menu a bit narrower.

2. Regarding suppliers

Response: Apart from the issue of the government ban of products coming in from Africa and formerly or currently Ebola experiencing countries, there is constant supply of other products such as drinks and o ther restaurant supplies done by local wholesalers. However the local suppliers wish to be paid instantaneously for all products supplied, and do not run on accounts receivables or debt basis.

3. Regarding competition from other restaurants

Response: Apart from legitimate restaurants like Hangover offering special African dishes, there isn't a lot of very direct and legitimate competition nonetheless, the presence of homemade African meals cooked and supplied at sometimes illegal levels is a threat that cannot be dismissed. …

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