Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Pillars

Academic journal article Chicago Review

The Pillars

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wonder do the head goose hear the motor

swimming the sky water wonder do

he hear his brothers the wake

jam the wind out of shape

about nothing to lose and how the house

of directions be all out of shape

cause they was born

leanin on the corner

gettin they back beat

beatin they own head

on out

head on out

straight out is flat and the yellow wind

crosses your crossing of it head on

like the clear adobe wall of that

house of four directions

four cornered

house that is the crossing in which moving

is leaning against the corner

post your head against

the road your head into

the dunce corner of your wake and the rough

today of someday

when outside is past

where the post stood still

house a fire

and ain't no water around

house catch fire lawd! ain't

no water a-roun

throw yourself out the window

let it all burn down

the cloud dark

the pillar dark behind the cycle trailing


something wrong and right too far gone both

lean on the lead by curl it back full throttle

the walls shake.

out of control or more want of it comes enough

to stop.

this looks like where we eat.


wall to wall horizon no one in

the next compartment that you know the phone

connected only as far as your voice the sun

lying around like close to quitting time

and this machine needs help. …

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