Academic journal article Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies

Possible ISIS Influence on Chinese Intercontinental Trade Links 1

Academic journal article Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies

Possible ISIS Influence on Chinese Intercontinental Trade Links 1

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Considering the emergence and roles which a few non territorial Muslim organisations like Mujahedeen, Al- Qaeda and Taliban were made to play mainly by the U.S and its allies in 20th and 21st centuries in Afghanistan it appears that recent emergence of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) also known as Daesh overtly aims at establishing a new caliphate in a Muslim Region; however its sudden emergence combined with its proclaimed speed of expansion in the Arab Region leads to a conclusion that like other non territorial Muslims organisations this too has multiple, geo- political and covert agendas.

This vital facet of multiple agendas for ISIS is being observed, evaluated, recognized and projected by the scholars including from the U.S. ISIS has been created, funded and supported by the U.S as a tool to re - formulate its priorities in Middle East as this non territorial and flexible military group can serve as a military and diplomatic base (Hagopian, 2015). It is imperative to note that U.S supported ISIS is trying to influence Iraq where Beijing; an emerging world power has invested a lot in petroleum sector and also have Muslim Population in its North West so it is apprehensive of any possible U.S supported adventure by ISIS in its western Muslim dominated areas so in order to avoid any such possibility China has pledged Iraq Government to intervene against Daesh from the air (Cole, 2014).

It may be noted in existing global scenario Beijing is trying to unify the Mackinder's World Island including Europe, Asia and Africa in to a single economic zone by linking and stretching up to 6000 miles up to Madrid, construct a railway tracks from Leipzig to Chongqing, linking up with Moscow- Vladivostok railways (W. McCoy, 2015). China is also reaching Arica through Gwadar Port in Southern Pakistan (Yaser, 2011).

In Asian Region apart from China other regional countries are trying peaceful economic growth. Germany, Spain and Turkey from Europe, India, Iran Pakistan and Russian from Asia and African Countries engaged in trade with Beijing will be main beneficiaries however the U.S which is already feeling frustrated due to Chinese emerging influence in Central Asian hydrocarbon reserves and Indo- Pacific region is likely to enhance its pressure so as to strengthen its hegemonic designs and depleting economy (Soros, 2004). Since the adoption of string of pearls strategy China has not only established its foot print in Indian Ocean but is also expanding in Pacific Ocean including its antechamber of South China Sea (SCS). Beijing has also stretched out to Atlantic Ocean and now its plans to convert the Mackinder' s ' World Island ' in to a single economic zone by influencing the Mackinder ' s ' Pivot Area' comprising of area between Persian Gulf and Yangtze River in China mainly by dominating Blue Diplomacy (Zhang & Randall, 2011, p.44). All this certainly does not suit the U.S global hegemonic designs so the U.S administration is likely try to counter the Chinese Inter- continental Trade Expansion (CITE) with Europe, Africa and South America by possibly employing the ISIS in areas between Black and Caspian Seas and in North Africa as a covert mean.

Lot is being said and written about the covert agenda of ISIS and China has also shown its concerns about ISIS however nothing has been written and said about ISIS possible role to influence the Beijing ' s plans for Chinese Inter Continental Trade (CIT) in Asia and Indo - Pacific Region.

Research Questions

This research article will encompass answers to four vital questions. What has been the role of other non territorial organisations like Al- Qaeda and Taliban in South Western Asia? What will be the implications of emerging World Order on regional and extra regional powers? What role has been played by the ISIS up till now? Why and how ISIS is likely to influence the CITE?


De- Colonisation of Asia by the European Powers provided an opportunity for Asian countries to improve their economic and military capabilities. …

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