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Chronology: Lebanon

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Lebanon

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Oct. 25: In Sidon, unidentified assailants killed two police officers. [10/27 FBIS]

Oct. 27: In the "security zone," Hizballah forces killed a South Lebanese Army (SLA) member. [10/28 FBIS]

Nov. 2: Beirut Radio reported that authorities had arrested three people in connection with the murder of two police officers in Sidon. [11/3 FBIS]

Nov. 3: Foreign Minister Faris Buwayz asked the United Nations and the European Union to stop Israel from taking topsoil from the "security zone" into Israel. [ll/4 NYT, 1/5 FBIS]

Nov. 6: The Israeli army promised to take measures to prevent Israelis from taking topsoil from the "security zone." [11/7 NYT]

Residents of Kafr Killa reported that Israeli forces had arrested the `Imam of Kafr Killa, `Abbas Fadlallah. [11/9 FBIS]

Nov. 10: Beirut Voice of Lebanon radio reported that two grenades had exploded in two Palestinian refugee camps-one in Al-Miyah wa Miyah and the other in 'Ayn al-Hilwah. [11/13 FBIS]

Nov. 16: In Markaba, Hizballah forces detonated a roadside bomb, killing three Israeli soldiers and injuring four. [11/17 WSJ, WP, FBIS]

Nov. 17: The Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group (ILMG) accused Israel of violating the April Understanding when it shelled the town of `Arab Salim and damaged three homes. [11/8 FBIS]

Nov. 23: Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that Hizballah forces had killed one Israeli soldier and injured two SLA members in the south. [11/24 FBIS]

Nov. 24: General Emile Lahoud was sworn in as president. [11/25 NYT]

Nov. 26: Hizballah forces detonated a roadside bomb, killing two Israeli soldiers. [11/28 NYT]

Nov. 29: The Israeli cabinet's security committee held a four-hour meeting to reassess Israel's strategy in southern Lebanon. [11/29 FT]

Nov. 30: Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri refused to accept another term in office, citing an alleged breach of the 1990 Taif Agreement, which mandates that only parliamentary deputies may nominate the prime minister. Al-Hariri contended that 21 members of parliament had violated the agreement by requesting that President Lahoud endorse whomever he wished. [12/1 FT, WP, FBIS]

Dec. 1: The parliament backed President Lahoud's choice of Salim al-Huss for prime minister. Al-Huss served as prime minister during the 1975-90 civil war. [12/2 NYT, FT]

Dec. 2: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected the possibility of an unconditional Israeli withdrawal from the "security zone." [12/3 NYT]

Dec. 4: Prime Minister Al-Huss kept the foreign ministry portfolio and appointed the following new ministers:

Michel al-Murr, Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Muhammad Yusuf Baydun, Minister of National Education

Sulayman Franjiyah, Minister of Agriculture Anwar al-Khalil, Minister of Information and Minister for Displaced Persons' Affairs Ghazi Zu`aytar, Minister of National Defense Michel Musa, Minister of Labor Joseph Shawul, Minister of Justice George Qurum, Minister of Finance. …

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